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Dampers, Mufflers & Mutes user reviews

  • DW Drums Bass Drum Muffling Pillow

    DW Drums Bass Drum Muffling Pillow - DubiousDubs's review


    Open sounding drums for me is used best when playing in bigger open spaces. For me I play drums in a small room for the most part, however and so I need to muffle a bit. After years of making due with standard pilow material as a means to dampen un…

  • Remo MUFF?L Sound Control

    Remo MUFF?L Sound Control - "Cool idea, works well! Cheap and reusable!"


    In the studio my DW set often suffers from afterglow ringing sound. In a live setting this is fine, as I feel it adds a certain reverb sound and sounds great. However, when in the studio it is something I wish to avoid at all costs. In my attempt …

Translated user reviews
  • Evans EQ-PAD muffler GC

    Evans EQ-PAD muffler GC - cdric2004's review


    - How long have you use it? Approximately 6 months - What is the particular feature you like best and least? Trs compact, leaving more room for the breath of hits and most importantly, the Allgemeine gc! Also adjustable attenuation according to the…