Roland SDE-1000
Roland SDE-1000

SDE-1000, Delay / Echo from Roland in the SDE series.

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All user reviews for the Roland SDE-1000

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 3 reviews )
 1 user review33 %
 2 reviews67 %
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fifdub's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland SDE-1000
delay with knobs. volumes in / out. (And two for varying the modulation)
The button for switching the different time saved. (Clears the delay in progress)
mod little button that I use.
and a button 2x to double time.
However, it lacks a button (front) to the speed of the delay
Rack Model


config can not be simpler. not need manual.


I love the grain of that delay. I use it to dub,
I often couple with a reverb behind.
The period of time can go fast in saturation


I use it for some months. My first delay rack and I do not regret it, it does what I ask. I regret that there have not the knob to change the speed. if not perfect.
janov pelorat12/24/2009

janov pelorat's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland SDE-1000
The effects bin is a classic digital delay rack 19 "1U.
Editable? you can register in their speed 4 + X 2. So all you can use 8 time period without touching the arrows + / -.
6.35 Connectors Jack of course. Noon? you dream.
To complement the previous opinion, it should be noted that feedback is managed by a Knob, and it is not harmless, contrary to other SDE where ds is the menu (not practical)

I said that as much of the owners of this delay is for the DUB course, I use it primarily on the skank (which comes out of my Roland U220 mostly).

I connects to on my Mackie DFX12.

What is missing is a little EQ, but hey it can catch up by connecting the outputs to a stereo input console worthy of the name and not on the tracks returns.

The Time button X 2 is simply excellent and does not lose (too much) the tempo. It gives effect style hi hi hi hi hihihihihi.

And finally there's no tap tempo, but just wanted to calculate the delay from the bpm of song, and in principle it is stalled.


Easier it would be a toy. The manual? Who needs it?

At use, I have a small regret: Feedback is infinite, but after 2 seconds or so, we must drastically reduce the volume of the Delay Out failing to blow the sound system and ears of the public.


Effective? it yes! It DUBwise wish!


I've had it for over a year now found at 80 € OCCAZ gift is really over and plug ins.
I also have a TC Electronic M350, but the delay section, although a tap tempo for once, is not at all suited to dub in my opinion. Otherwise I FabFilter Timeless to plug in, but hey it's not the same feeling. I would love to get their hands on a Korg SDD100 anyway.

Q / p excellent!

Alain3009's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland SDE-1000
The Roland SDE 1000 is one of the first Digital Delay Rack.
Delay up to 1.5 s. 4 mmorisables delays on the keys faade.
Modulation is with RULES knobs (not mmorisable). For cons, the activation (or off) can be mmorise in 4 memory mentioned above.
Possibility of control on / off switch by the foot.
I notice 5 / 10, Obviously, since it was much richer!


Previous chapter in return, the handling is super fast and intuitive. As a good old effect pedals.


It's Roland. Trs beautiful crystal clear sound. No breath.
The four memory and allowed me to have on CRER scne two DIFFERENT chorus, a short time limit to play the third and long for the echo.
I bought this machine 5000F in 1983 or 84! I have carted around (but magnaque cared for I am with the hardware!). He never made default for 5 years.


I had bought on the spur of head there are over 20 years. I always have. The reliability Roland! This is a pice of dsormais collection. More for ct vintage studio and scne.
I would do without hsiter this choice today.