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  • Boss DM-100 Delay Machine

    Boss DM-100 Delay Machine - "Superb BBD-delay"


    This is one of the best delays ever produced. Excellent sound, easy to operate and very reliable. Also, one can put other gear on top it. I usually put my tb303 or my DFAM on top of it, so that it is easy to access. This one is a keeper. T…

  • Ananashead Effects 2399 Echo

    Ananashead Effects 2399 Echo - "Simple to Use with an Organic Flavor"


    SOUND: This pedal has a ‘dark’ and warm sound, in that the echo sits comfortably in the background without producing too much treble in the signal. Consequently, if you’re looking for a brighter echo that ‘pops,’ then this is not it. Rather, if you…

  • Evans (Sound Creator) ES-5

    Evans (Sound Creator) ES-5 - "Great!"


    I use the Evans as my main echo in the studio and live for "roots" Dub. In addition to looking good, it's sturdy. Speed is stabe, less unpredictible than a RE201 as far as the wow and compatible tape types are concerned. The speed presets are basi…

  • Multivox Mx-312

    Multivox Mx-312 - "Multivox MX-312 Is Analog Echo Goodness"


    The Multivox MX-312 is a vintage, solidstate tape echo unit. It also has a spring reverb unit in it. It has connections for various audio levels at both input and output. It is a vintage device, so there is not PC connectivity. UTILIZATION The manu…

  • DigiTech Time Machine RDS8000

    DigiTech Time Machine RDS8000 - "Old gear that sounds great"


    Delay/looper/almost-flanger, non-editable effects, no tap delay: Its starts to be outdated! Audio only, one input and 3 outputs (dry, mix, phase) and also three connectors for control via footswitch. UTILIZATION The manual has lots of blanks, you …

  • Roland SDE-2000

    Roland SDE-2000 - "simply awesome "


    The Roland SDE 2000 is one of the first units of its kind and is truly a classic piece of gear. It is an all analog unit and actually has a real audio tape inside of it that provides the tape echo. It has 1/4 inch inputs for either your microphones o…

  • Monacor EEM-1000

    Monacor EEM-1000 - "classic unit"


    The Monacor EEM 1000 is a digital delay effects processor that is rackable and will take up a single rack space unit. Since I use this at a studio that has it premounted, I'm not 100% sure what kinds of connections it has, but I'm pretty sure it has …

  • Roland RE-101 Space Echo

    Roland RE-101 Space Echo - moosers's review


    The Roland RE-101 Space Echo is a real tape delay unit. It was released at the same time as the RE-201 and is essentially it's little brother as it's a bit more limited but still shares the same sort of quality. For those new to the Space Echo unit…

  • Moog Music MF-104 Analog Delay

    Moog Music MF-104 Analog Delay - "Super Warm Delay"


    This is Moog's version of an Analog Delay pedal. When it comes to effects, it is a one trick pony, but don't let it fool you. With the right twisting of knobs, you can get some really out of this world delay sounds. This pedal is not editable thro…

  • Moog Music MF-104Z Analog Delay

    Moog Music MF-104Z Analog Delay - "Glorious analog echoes"


    All analog goodness. Not some sort of emulation, digitally controlled, "analog" signal path with digital chips, or any other misrepresentation. This is the real deal old school sound and feel. -1/4" ins and outs with additional dry output. -effe…