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Effects Processors user reviews

  • Lexicon PCM 70

    Lexicon PCM 70 - "Best Ever"


    The sound quality is the best reverb on the market even by todays standards. I have used a strymon big sky and multiple reverb pedals, and reverb racks ( FX500 yamaha, ALESIS MIDIVERB 2, ALESIS Quadraverb ( original, and 2.0 version with resonaters, …

  • Alesis QuadraVerb

    Alesis QuadraVerb - "amazing rack for the money"


    This rack is wonderful, I would recommend always using an FX loop with this, or a Main In. I run this quadraverb PLUS with my strymon timeline into the fx loop of my AXE FX 2, it sounds amazing. through an amp it'd sound good but it'd be way better w…

  • Evans (Sound Creator) ES-5

    Evans (Sound Creator) ES-5 - "Great!"


    I use the Evans as my main echo in the studio and live for "roots" Dub. In addition to looking good, it's sturdy. Speed is stabe, less unpredictible than a RE201 as far as the wow and compatible tape types are concerned. The speed presets are basi…

  • Lexicon 224

    Lexicon 224 - "It's so wonderful!"


    One of the first digital reverbs. 12bit converter. Sounds can be edited with the remote, it has no DAW support, obviously! XLR connection No MIDI :) UTILIZATION Extremely easy and intuitive configuration. SOUND QUALITY The reverbs of the 224 …

  • Multivox Mx-312

    Multivox Mx-312 - "Multivox MX-312 Is Analog Echo Goodness"


    The Multivox MX-312 is a vintage, solidstate tape echo unit. It also has a spring reverb unit in it. It has connections for various audio levels at both input and output. It is a vintage device, so there is not PC connectivity. UTILIZATION The manu…

  • DigiTech RDS-8000

    DigiTech RDS-8000 - "Old gear that sounds great"


    Delay/looper/almost-flanger, non-editable effects, no tap delay: Its starts to be outdated! Audio only, one input and 3 outputs (dry, mix, phase) and also three connectors for control via footswitch. UTILIZATION The manual has lots of blanks, you …

  • Genuine Soundware / GSi Burn

    Genuine Soundware / GSi Burn - "Look no further than "GSi Burn" for a leslie sim"


    The GSi/Crumar "Burn" has wow'd me, a die hard real, working, Hammond B3/Lesle 122 player. Highly suggest real and clone players seriously looking at this and buying. Metal encased, ability to lock. Incredible sound and accuracy. Much better o…

  • Genuine Soundware / GSi Burn

    Genuine Soundware / GSi Burn - "My XK3 never sounded so good!"


    This is a very flexible piece of gear, and the guys at GSI are constantly updating their firmware to improve their products - which means you won't be forced to buy a new gadget a few years down the line. The input gain is a little on the low side, b…

  • Masterroom stereo spring reverb

    Masterroom stereo spring reverb - "If eyou can find one BUY IT!" has images


    Spring reverb with 3 band EQ for the reverb effect.Gives you lots of precise control. UTILIZATION Simple controls, connections. Easy to use and set up. SOUND QUALITY Great analog reverb. I use it on acoustic guitar, vocals and woodwinds. OVERAL…

  • Alesis Nanoverb 2

    Alesis Nanoverb 2 - "250 + effects"


    I have been using the Alesis Nanoverb for a few months now after purchasing it for under 100 dollars. You will get way more than your money’s worth with this unit. It has over 250 effects (reverb, and delay’s). It is a very small unit that can be tak…