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  • Modulation Effects - The Flanger Effect

    Modulation Effects - The Flanger Effect - A guide to mixing music - Part 100


    After having seen the chorus effect last week , today we'll discuss another beloved modulation tool, the Flanger.

  • Modulation Effects - The Chorus Effect

    Modulation Effects - The Chorus Effect - A guide to mixing music - Part 99


    Moving forward we'll be taking a look at some modulation tools that, even if not that useful on a day-to-day basis during mixdown, they can come in incredibly handy in some situations. Today we'll begin with one of the most popular ones – Chorus.

  • Delay Tips and Tricks

    Delay Tips and Tricks - 5 digital delay techniques that will spice up your mixes


    Digital delay is one of the most versatile effects you can apply to your music. It can do everything from subtle doubling to crazy stereo ping-pong effects and a lot more. In this article we’ll show you five cool delay techniques that you can use to spice up your recordings.

  • Review of Eventide UltraReverb

    Review of Eventide UltraReverb - More than Just Another Reverb


    Eventide’s UltraReverb is an algorithmic reverb plug-in that offers impressive sound quality, sonic control and flexibility, making it a potent contender in the reverb plug-in wars. Not only does it feature reverb, but also a built-in compressor (mainly for compressing the reverb signal) and stereo delay line. As a result, it’s useful both for bre…

  • Reverb Parameters

    Reverb Parameters - How to Set a Reverb Processor


    Unless you're living in a tent in the middle of the desert, you are exposed to numerous natural reverberations every day. Our ears perceive reverberations that our brain interprets automatically to inform us about the shape, size and nature of the place where we are. Close your eyes and listen carefully. You'll notice that the sense of hearing pro…

  • Optimize Your Reverberant Space for the Best Possible Sound

    Optimize Your Reverberant Space for the Best Possible S… - Understanding Digital Reverb Parameters


    There's nothing like the sound of real reverb, such as what you hear in a cathedral or symphonic hall. That's because reverb is made up of a virtually infinite number of waves bouncing around within a space, with ever-changing decay times and frequency responses. For a digital reverb to synthesize this level of complexity is a daunting task, but t…

  • Portico Series: The Test

    Portico Series: The Test - Rupert Neve Designs Portico Series


    Neve. If there’s one name that causes the studio professional’s pulse to quicken, this is it! Even if the company has gone their own separate way with AMS since 1985, Rupert Neve, creator of the brand, has not hung up his soldering iron and is still creating new modules for his Portico range.