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  • Electrix Warp Factory

    Electrix Warp Factory - "Cool hardware vocoder"


    This is an unusual hardware vocoder. It does simple vocoding fairly well, probably digitally because there is a noticeable delay before the onset of the envelope opening. But it has a lot of other tricks up its sleeve. First off, you can tune the for…

  • Electrix Warp Factory

    Electrix Warp Factory - moosers's review


    The Electrix Warp Factory is a unique vocoder, designed for uses of all types. It has an XLR input in the front, as well as an XLR output in the back in addition to 1/4" connections, RCA, and MIDI connections in the back. It is rack mountable and w…

Translated user reviews
  • Troots-Effects FT1 Dub Filter

    Troots-Effects FT1 Dub Filter - " Ft1 Dub Filter"


    filter, phaser, not model rack shaped box very convenient to put on the desktop, its exellent, analog mono jack 6.35 in and out + power supply. UTILIZATION simple configuration in a plug out and after that we go lon needs instrumentals, reverb re…

  • CEDAR Audio DNS 8 Live

    CEDAR Audio DNS 8 Live - " Effective denoiser in real time"


    This is the last of the denoiser CEDAR already well known brand in the world of post production processing. The product comes in the form of a unit 19 "rack unit on a high with a sober facade in black matte aluminum finish. Few grooves machined in…

  • Electrix Warp Factory

    Electrix Warp Factory - " Robots greet you well ..."


    Vocoder rack, you plug a microphone, and you have a robot voice or with the internal oscillator or an external synthesizer if you want to sing notes. UTILIZATION Setup is simple, the manual is in 4 languages: English, French, German, clear espagn…

  • seppuku fx space fuzz

    seppuku fx space fuzz - " a little change"


    fuzz silcone type casing Hammond; Qualtée shop "made in australia" out and in classic robust construction but the paint would tend to be weak in mild shock. UTILIZATION two very effective knobs with good volume reserve for those who do l…

  • Korg DVP-1

    Korg DVP-1 - blackle's review


    The DVP 1 is not only a vocoder is a digital processor for the human voice, which can create plenty of effects, sometimes bizarre and amazing, and harmonizing voice polyphonic make it! This Korg offers 3 modes that will aim to treat the voice in di…

  • Eventide Orville

    Eventide Orville - " Weapon of Mass Creation"


    Connectivity: 4 inputs / 4 analog outputs spdif AES / EBU midi-in/out/thru 2 DSP totally independent, we can route the inputs and outputs that we want Effects: It will be simple: we can have everything like effects. Just program them with Vs…

  • Orban 222A Stereo Spatial Enhancer

    Orban 222A Stereo Spatial Enhancer - Comp's review


    It does that broaden the stereo signals from a stereo. The connection is made by super UNESCORecords XLR or terminal block. UTILIZATION Rgler very easy. Just a button ON / OFF of the effect, for a Knob Defines power for enlargement and Knob r…

  • Musitronics Corp. Mu-Tron III

    Musitronics Corp. Mu-Tron III - ventdusoir's review


    It is an envelope filter or filter wrap franais.Une wha dynamic ragissant toucher.C the east of analog hardcore (intgr the circuit is made by hand!) The connection is the jack, the mode of power supply: two good 9v battery! the original Power Box is …