Analog-Lab Vocoder X-32
Analog-Lab Vocoder X-32

Vocoder X-32, Other Effects Processor from Analog-Lab.

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voicetrack 09/10/2005

Analog-Lab Vocoder X-32 : voicetrack's user review


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Vocoder 32 band analog totalemen 2 U rack
3 real internal VCO waveforms! (Control possible by HP)
LFO (whose speed can make the FM!) Synchronized by trig on the level of
inversion of possible entries for inter.
between the external noise of ought
spare output of the VCO
mono output + left right output (divisan frequency bands of a sure two cot and the rest of the other makes a spatial spectral)

In short, a fairly complete vocoder in its category.


Atention is not a VST plug! On an analog vocoder, it must be very careful about the levels of autremen, a risk of "drooling" or sounding "strangle" according to the settings and it is true that on this point, the X-32 is very sensitive (more than average I think), but personal, all fawn, I always put a compressor on between my voice vocoders and one can j'accentue generalemen acute.

May have to use the spare output of the VCO with a filter for use in analog synth (while using a vocoder continuan sparmen with a carrier outside!), You can also use this output to put a distortion or effect and the signal fed back from the external carrier (or the noise from external owed when using an external carrier).

Effectivemen, there is no patch or level per frequency band, but bands of 32, I'm not sure that would have a t very practical. It is regrettable as the hold on the VP or EMS but hey, its quality compared to its price compared to what we find to OCCAZ (and nine ...).

For voice, I added a lot of acute generalemen exiter for a longer high frequencies (that is true that the more easily discover EMS2000 allows the direct use of a microphone, the difference is on respect for phases and linarite frequencies. The disadvantage is that with one voice, we must prparer the signal of "exit" but cheaply and is that its use is more open boxes with rhythms, for example)

After, it is true that the opening of use requires a quasimen floor using a pramp, an equa compression and if you want to used the machine with a voice but on the other cot with a rhythm box or other instrument, makes a better carremen on another vocoder (like the 808 or kik to Jomox vraimen make out the low frequencies).


Hh! is the difference because he made his faith a little rule to ognions is a total massacre. I test a lot of analog vocoder (Synthon, EMS, Roland etc ...) but the it's crazy because we come to recognize the timbre of people talking! (Can be too perfect?)

Never given me a vocoder does such a grave and rendered in such a finesse in the treble. I may be owed prefer a form but that of the X-32 is also quite effective (especially when you start to rave with the noise from outside but it is not obvious because it takes a fairly powerful source jou and with the level of noise that does not disappear).

After, it's like a lot of analog vocoder, required a perfect management levels and a good microphone (pramplifi and equals (compress or via preamp or channel strip for a live micro sounds Rarely course an analog vocoder. (it can force a better vaud the top midrange and treble for vocoder of the text (and for a typical vocoder hold made more school, I use the exit "R" car stereo outputs use Half of the frequencies used sparmen Each one then, they made more irrguli permetent one and I find that R has a presence that brings the X-32 made of the EMS-2000 "S" generator made by))


Finally, it is EXTREMELY important to aprendre has to use a device before placing a notice. (A wise ...)

Personally, I test many vocoders (I love these animals l. ..) and this machine has made an incredible vraimen (but must manage what it brings (can be more than another but the coup vraimen Vaud)).

to the objectivity of some previous ones opinion, this is also a link that allows you to make a real ide #. ..

I've now been in one week and confirm everything I ecri.