Analog-Lab Vocoder X-32
Analog-Lab Vocoder X-32

Vocoder X-32, Other Effects Processor from Analog-Lab.

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Remote 07/03/2005

Analog-Lab Vocoder X-32 : Remote's user review


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Well, me too I must post this notice as well. given the previous ones rather dubious posts (djef in this case, which was recorded June 11 ... written notice ... July 1 and has no counter-post to date, a feeling of the enema jur Analog Lab full nose) thank you for giving your opinion please OBJECTIVES. (I write not believe so excuse me for this advice, probably misspelled ...)

I find the X-32 - analog vocoder 32 bands a 100% comprehensive.

level connectivity, we can hardly expect much better. With between 2: excitation (carrier) and Ext / Int (modulation) on the front, leaving Mono main outputs with two L and R stereo, Direct Out (source from the excitation between ), Osc Out (internal oscillator), CV In, and finally the Noise Sub (bruitblanc substitution by other sound source) on the rear. It is a blind vraiemnt max! wow!


The general config is simple to understand, but to say it was a simple machine to understand ... but not necessarily to use (well, to get good results)

Minimal knowledge of sound synthesis and vocoding is welcome! but otherwise with a lot of experimentations and perseverace, even as we reach his goals.

For a machine of this price, it'll have to REALLY have a real manual printed with a minimum of pedagogy on the sound synthesis (ax on vocals) and vocoding ... preset "type" so we can get an idea of ​​how to get that type of sound ... I'm really DEU for the manual, I slap a 1150 well built machine certs, but comes with a so-called manual photocopy of seven pages, and it is not even on both sides. A special page "a copy" layer to serve as a memo to SETTINGS ... frankly not very well done. Artisanal? I will, but not the same as AMATEUR!


I find it sounds good FAT (greasy what)! very dynamik! I have not had a chance to really test it properly yet, but the little I tried, I am very satisfied!

he can be injected loops, or the sound of a synth a bit bland, and recover a sound with an interesting grain output, so it was used without moderation with all sorts of sound source!


I always use my FireworX as Vocoder. The X-32 being 100% analog, you can not save its settings, so my FireworX toutjours is often very useful for some type voice wanted ... whose voice has the Darth Vader for example ... But compared to plug-ins or Warp Factory (Vodo home Electrix), the X-32 sounds HUGE! and it is more intuitive than a utilisaiton the plug-ins ... Although it is very expensive, but given the components (32 analog filters!) Used to manufacture it, and the sound that comes out is almost same as jusitifier. It is certainly not the essential thing for a studio, but surely that will add the little "plus" in the prods. For now I will probably the same choice because it has no competitor at the moment (in the same price range, while anlao 100%). and I may not spend enough time for him to find big faults inpardonnable again. It is an instrument from a whole a try!
ANALOG LAB (Oliver?): If you read this one day, and you'll Write a real user manual, thank you for telling me to give me a copy! I am one of your first customers, I guess the "youthful indiscretion or other budgetary limitations will be here shortly surpasss? I think Analog Lab will gradually acqerir an international reputation in this small world analog, there are the quality! it's going to pay! so be sure your first customers who are here to buy stuff and support you