Analog-Lab Vocoder X-32
Analog-Lab Vocoder X-32

Vocoder X-32, Other Effects Processor from Analog-Lab.

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arp2499 06/19/2005

Analog-Lab Vocoder X-32 : arp2499's user review


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The vocoder is easy to use
prs resembles any way the 2000 version of EMS
benefitted from the will of its maker, JL Dierstein, which obviously has more talent as detecteut as a manufacturer of instrument ... good ides on paper, as a multi strophnie frquentielle of 32 bands




It is a fact that the gate
low intelligibilt lack of potato outrageous, and above all a terrible lack of heat and low frequencies ... passing a big bass minimoog the result is small, unspecified, dcevant ... This vocoder vocoder does not just but a bottleneck strangled


Luckily, I wanted to buy it
Luckily I did not buy!!
a friend beat me so I spent hours in his studio to test before ede tell me that I prfrais Plugz a vocoder that is to say ... its coldness, its appearance monotony (the sound that emerges is always the same), despite the diversity in the lemnts passs convinced me: this object supposedly manufactured to compete with old and vintage vocoder pnurie the new vocoder has for me no harm Intrets ca rings hollow