EMS Vocoder 2000
EMS Vocoder 2000
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arp2499 03/04/2005

EMS Vocoder 2000 : arp2499's user review


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That's the big analog vocoder Rack ....
microphone cables you a cot on the other synth and go ....
Oscillator will have one in so you're not required to use an external source, the internal source is monstrous


Pretty easy to use
no need for records, but against it's nice to have some big synths for "vocoder" ...
Obviously the balance minimoog explodes! but say it is so deadly that this little gem m ^ rmr a DX7
or a VSTi can couraging sounds wonderful


I use the vocoder in 2000 with all ... I cre robots, sounds, rhythms ... trs is unexpected
and super efficient, super hot Galactic ... works as well for projects hyper pop, double the votes or giving such a body drums, great for the prod and enrich carrment frequency drives or make the big electro that stain with the kraftwerkienne big voice ...


I'm spar There's a few months it causes financires (I had more gold coins !!!!)
How sad, I would have never Sparer me ....
Short but I am pleased to be able to have a few time and make music with this mattos known pros Toutée the eras .... At qualitprix report is the high end is the equivalent of Neve consoles for the eventide or for the effects ... So it's expensive but you can do many things.
I possdais the first, made by EMS mtallis gray and not black (MODEL 80s, see anything, be careful not to confuse the black is much cheaper (less than 2000 e), it is not trs research ... The mark is an extraordinarily hot ct ...
Complter for the song list o means the vocoder
- Man Machine Kraftwerk
- Daft Punk Around the World (double talk box)
- Daft Punk Harder Better
- Queens Radio Gaga
- Pink Floyd (many tracks)
- Air (also many pieces)
etc. ....