EMS Vocoder 2000
EMS Vocoder 2000
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anapurna 11/17/2003

EMS Vocoder 2000 : anapurna's user review


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Analog type, The EMS 2000 is the legendary vocoder ... I possde a mark 1 is to say the very first model in discrete component ... I acquired in 2002 at an average price of 2300 euros, which is a big luxury Obviously, it's expensive! Knowing that the new EMS 2000 frabrique have seen and worth the same price as the move towards vintage ... It is a rack-mount rack, All you need is simple, trs beautiful gray knobs with green, red, yellow line EMS ....
The specialties of internal possde vocoder: an oscillator EMS Pitch function allows to modulate the source synths by voice, a noise gate on the class whistling ... lots of little things that make trs pointed a machine edition of amazing!


Nothing trs complex using a vocoder ... we shuffled two sources (voice, synths) (drums, vocals) (synths, synths) (voice vote) (synths, drums) etc ... anything is possible .. rsultats the unexpected, surprising exprimentaux! We walk and we have fun above all ...


It is the heart of the EMS target ... THE SOUND IS INCREDIBLY EXCELLENT ....
Portishead were two output mix just to use the pre amplification ... We can make incredible distos ... and which is totally crazy is how the synthse vocoder sounds ... I used all the plugs, many vintaage (those I could find!) As KORG (lamentable!) or Roland (SVC VP 350 or 330) but who are INTERESTED trs tr s sweet ... but EMS is truly the KING, the Rolls ... It's another world!
The raw sound it produces is the sound of the vocoder in Man Machine Kraftwerk and also the voice of the old synthse STAR WARS ... The raw sound with the tilt is also the Beastie Boys Hello Nasty or tube of ... Snoop Doggy Dog The EMS in vintage and vintage as he likes Ragit ultimately the old synths ... shuffled when seeking sources, rsultats the wildest sounds from modular analos ... EMS but sounds like nothing in the world ... hand if you get your hands on a vocoder or SEINNHEISER MOOG ... minimum 15000/20000 euros to enchres TOKYO once every three years !!!!!!!!!


For over a year, I am happy posseseur this vocoder ... Despite some problem of money, I would never sell it unless you MODEL deuxime a proximity that is also a mark 1 ... I test the new MODELS (black anne 80) and EMS rcent REHBEG ... INTERESTED machine, but the grain is gone! I like the l.. It is true that it's expensive for a vocoder .. but all the good music spices are always worth more than 1500 euros! It's the same for a good or a good mono compressor! If you believe that you hear, the EMS is your messiah ...