Effects Processors user reviews

  • BST MCE60 Digital Echo Chamber

    BST MCE60 Digital Echo Chamber - " exotic"


    1 line of Taiwanese delay fairly short but with reserve. Other reviews have concluded well. Not possible to compare with other systems, it is true that the sound that emerges is more than special,! That's the little things we love, "it saturate…

  • Alesis NanoVerb

    Alesis NanoVerb - " Rotary interesting, but low-end reverb anyway!"


    multi effect modulation by i / 3 U rack, so all digital. The steel hull gives it strength over time in terms of shocks, but the subject is very sensitive to dust, humidity etc ... UTILIZATION There is a control button and a selector effect so it …

  • Lexicon PCM 92

    Lexicon PCM 92 - "The little sister."


    Reverb unit basis, the PCM 92 also includes filter effects, modulation, and delay. So far no significant difference compared to his sister PCM 96 .. in fact algorithms two bikes are exactly the same. The differences are purely material: 1 RJ 45 for t…

  • Ibanez AD-202 Analog Delay

    Ibanez AD-202 Analog Delay - " Looking back ..."


    Analog Rack including chorus, flanger, doubler and a delay modulation. It has two inputs with level control: a "line" and "line / mic" input (you choose the type pulling the knob) input, both inputs go through a corrective tone adjustable (small f…

  • Alesis MidiVerb II

    Alesis MidiVerb II - "The clothes do not make the man, but the fine feathers make fine birds."


    This is a digital reverb that also has some effects of time and some chorus / flanger and pan. Note the conspicuous absence of transposition effect, EQ, or even crazy filters. Therefore remains the key. Connections are made in jack for audio and for …

  • Alesis MidiVerb

    Alesis MidiVerb - " 12-bit & heat"


    It is a 12-bit reverb without possibility of editing with sixty reverbs shorter (0.2 s) to the longest (20s) 9 gate reverbs and 4 reverse (beautiful) A midi input to change the reverb midi program change, basic. A kind of plastic box half rack …

  • Ibanez DM-1000

    Ibanez DM-1000 - choquette's review


    Digital Delay "vintage" 12-bit 34KHz (Chorus and Flanger are very easy to obtain) max delay time: 1 second footswitch input for bypass, HOLD function (infinite loop) Modulation (adjustable speed and depth), basic EQ (1 TONE knob) you can select…

  • Boss DE-200 Digital Delay

    Boss DE-200 Digital Delay - Manta-lo's review


    This delay is a very effective 12 bit digital rack unit. For me it was nice to have the digital label (digital) it remains an analog (I know I ment to myself but I do not care), I disassembled and weighs its weight SALIGOT (4 5 kilo, good old desig…

  • Redson EC-25

    Redson EC-25 - " Delay"


    A TAPE DELAY (low end for the time). Use a cassette rare format. UTILIZATION Easy to use. I clear my Daw trails through the "FROM PA" entry and spring "FOOT SW" to retrieve only the delay. You can play on equaliqation, feedback, speed. SOUN…

  • TC Electronic M3000

    TC Electronic M3000 - " Great!"


    it is a multi-effects mainly focused reverb. But even with more efficient algorithms great! For the rest all was said in other reviews. However I ragouterais that manufacturing has really nothing to do with what I have used before! The quality of the…