Moog Music MF-102 Ring Modulator
Moog Music MF-102 Ring Modulator

MF-102 Ring Modulator, Ring Modulator from Moog Music in the Moogerfooger series.

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artpsychedelia 04/20/2005

Moog Music MF-102 Ring Modulator : artpsychedelia's user review


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It is thus a sort of "pedal" effect and very classy performance. slice of wood painted black and stainless steel, button-knob typical Moog.
basically: one partner has an LFO Rate. choice in wave or stepped changes in modulations
a drive
The modulator includes a mix relative to the base (the one that is coming in) and a RATE of Frequency and two function: Low or Hight.
LED light changes from green to red and on the overall volume and the LFO.
of course, a bypass is present. AC power only.


Turn 10 is not abused, because nothing is more simple, very intuitive. Modulator LFO and the two can be answered and degrees of variation are listed around the wheels. even simpler than a guitar pedal!
the manual is not undispensable but provides information on integrated circuits of the beast.

Sevez you the ring as an option because you are synth master of his legendary moog without snapping a fortune Moog Voyager ...


Of pure Moog classieu and specific, smooth or acroche has your choice. not cheap or cheesy, very toutjours particullier Yet nothing better now to customize your sound and your set. I play very experimental music (like Jhon Cale, Brian Eno or Velvet) and I used it this way: I run a stable sound a note synth or organ sustain Permana, from the I will be subjected to signal changes in real time, sometimes close to piallment oisieux, or sometimes like a wave of very tecknoide epileptic.
Again, sounds are very classy and very worthy of the legendary Moog.

However, if you use it with a low or a guitart, the effects are not conclusive and does nothing, the ring modulator being more an instrument than a full-fledged pedal. Use is with a synth, organ, see a drum machine or an audio source (for the Moog gives its full capacity with its constant and above).

the sound is just be a bit limited, although perfect in their kind.


I use it for 8 months now and I made a of the most fundamental of my music and my home studio because you have to master in order not to place everywhere!
I was looking for a very psychedelic effect pedal pouvent and offer variations in real time, I am served. In my initial guitart, I quickly plugged in my digital synth on it, without doubt ausun is what to do lice give it its full force. cepandant the ring is sold as a rack for guitar, obvious error!
The big negative is the price, 300 euros is very expensive for some type of variations, that said, you should know that moog is not known for its affordability .... At this price there is little to be better now get their hands on a Mikro Korg or something more complete, just be that is what I would do now ... but what's, what power, what class, which is not found elsewhere.