Alesis QuadraVerb II
Alesis QuadraVerb II

QuadraVerb II, Reverb from Alesis in the QuadraVerb series.

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R12 05/25/2005

Alesis QuadraVerb II : R12's user review


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Many effects of good quality trs (equals, chorus, overdrive, and filters .... rverbes trs intensive DSP) 8 simultaneous
Dual channel (2 in, 2 out, MIDI, adat ...)
Programs in ROM 100, RAM 200 (what to do)


There's no better Contents routing, each block output (8 in total) can be towards each block between (even in the feedback) with gain for each SETTING THE "link ")
a modular What kind of effect (like analogue synths of yesteryear)
programming is quite difficult given the possibility of the machine (unless it is to put a time limit and rverbe ...)


The rverbes are monstrous (in a good way) with lots of paramtres ... same can be too
Other effects are also good trs
can be used as an insert or send / return


Trs good product, but expensive the era (6000 balls) but now seen the price go for it ...