Alesis QuadraVerb II
Alesis QuadraVerb II

QuadraVerb II, Reverb from Alesis in the QuadraVerb series.

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xpacman 12/06/2013

Alesis QuadraVerb II : xpacman's user review

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Hello sorry for the late reply.
the Quadraverb 2 is a multi completely awesome and very easy indeed.
The effects are like any equipment to type standards, reverb echo time etc ...
Of course they are fully editable on the front of the machine, thanks to a large backlit LCD and keypad button screen. They can also be edited by noon. Yes it is rackable. It is in the creation of digital effects, but are analog audio inputs. no, no light but the pros microphone. concerning the connection there SEVERAL models, but in general, it is midday (in-out-thrue) audio jack 6.35, remote control 6.35

The highlight of this machine, as its name suggests, it can and does the job of 4 multi effect, each editable or you can cumuller 4 layer effects. you can also separate audio inputs 1 and 2 and treated separately.
just one flat, according to the series, there is a little noise because of the low power audio level. but we find that in all multi effects SPX type yamaha example. It is a good machine, a good compromise between analog and digital. Knowing she was released at the beginning of the digital multi effect. mine always e function, essential!


oh confuration ... you plug it sounds!
manual, if you have already used a multi purpose ... the cake!
manual you will not read ... the diagram on the LCD screen is so simple and straightforward.
if you can turn a knob, you will be the king lol
simple super edition, 300 presets and can backup external ... what the dream!
it was costing € 6,000 when it came out ... so this is the ball!


qualitée the Quadraverb 2 and equivalent to multi effect eventide B
perfect for digital voice and percussion instruments ... super versatile!


since 1991 ...
yes but it was unbeatable price level Calita
feature, quick easy editing
yes if I was or if I find at random occasions I take a second without worries
has your service