Realistic Electronic Reverb
Realistic Electronic Reverb

Electronic Reverb, Reverb from Realistic.

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emohint 11/02/2004

Realistic Electronic Reverb : emohint's user review


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This reverb gives echos very vintage and very short, but hardly what ... ... Analog contrlables
Tratement very roots in the signal, it makes very grimey sound.

For connections, There are between one and a mic output, and between an output sinch Mono.


Very easy to use it is randomly found the right rglages often seeking in extreme ...

No need to book for four rglages, Level 1 10 ...


Sounds can rendres if vtre source is clean. It can give good surprises on a skyscraper or a sound recording, for voice adpendra the mic.

I love short echo, it gives a little more radio grain intrressant.


My father has given me I have used on guitars, vocals etc ...

I have nothing against this effect except that it sorely lacks depth at times to explore some longer sounds (with delay).

I still have it because I want to test it with a vintage organ history of dressing the whole.

The case is solid, it does not fear the shocks.

The Realistic brand (sold at Tandy in the 80's) in general is not in chre flea market, so if you are a little exploreteur try;) ))