Evans (Sound Creator) ES-5

ES-5, Delay / Echo from Evans (Sound Creator).

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ocoughi 11/14/2015

Evans (Sound Creator) ES-5 : ocoughi's user review

« Great! »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
I use the Evans as my main echo in the studio and live for "roots" Dub. In addition to looking good, it's sturdy. Speed is stabe, less unpredictible than a RE201 as far as the wow and compatible tape types are concerned.

The speed presets are basic but all that is needed is here, and different selectors can be pushed at once to get other playback head selected. The removable head is a "must", hence its name "sound creator", the tape can be scratched with, which is terribly efficient - and good sounding. Soundwise, the echo is well sustained, on par with a 201, little signal degradation, a typical, quality tape sound and a very large bandwith. The tone knob does the job, as well as the feedback setting. Only cons, the speed knob is under the hood! What an idea! I put it on the front instead of the bypass jack, an easy manipulation.

Mine was a little noisy, I recapped it which is way easier to do than with a 201, only 6 wires to unsold and the circuit board can be accessed from both sides, now it is almost totally silent and the sound is even better (Elna & Panasonic).

All in all I love this device, I almost prefer it to my 201, less unstable, lighter and easier to transport, it has everything and is quite valuable too.
Conceptionwise, the engine is not as oversized as a 201's and the drive is not direct, there is a belt (in spite of its age it is mint but is the first element likely to fail). The tape system is well conceived and rleiable, all length can be used as with a 201, and it's easy to change. There's no felt to retain the tape so it wears out slower, it just take a regular cleaning of the reside on the cylinder that ensures tension.

I'm in love with this one... These Japanese definitely DO know how to work!