Effects Processors user reviews

  • MXR M110 Auto Phaser

    MXR M110 Auto Phaser - moosers's review


    The MXR M-110 Auto Phaser is a rare piece of outboard gear that is to be used in recording studios. It isn't made for any other sort of use and it is vertically rack mountable. I don't really know what kind of casing it was in at the professional w…

  • Yamaha REV100

    Yamaha REV100 - songboy's review


    This is mainly a reverb unit with some delay and modulation options. Yes, you can edit this through a computer using software such as MidiQuest XL. This is in fact a 1u rack mount piece of gear. The Yamaha REV100 is a Digital unit. There are 1/4"…

  • Electrix Warp Factory

    Electrix Warp Factory - moosers's review


    The Electrix Warp Factory is a unique vocoder, designed for uses of all types. It has an XLR input in the front, as well as an XLR output in the back in addition to 1/4" connections, RCA, and MIDI connections in the back. It is rack mountable and w…

  • MXR M126 Flanger Doubler

    MXR M126 Flanger Doubler - moosers's review


    The MXR Flanger Doubler is an analog piece of outboard gear designed to give you flanger effects and a synthetic doubling. I don't know what sorts of connections it has in the back of it, but it has 1/4" TRS connections for input and output in the f…

  • Lexicon 960L

    Lexicon 960L - moosers's review


    The Lexicon 960L is a full blown digital effects unit and system. It is a very complete and thorough piece of gear, and is really its own system into itself. The 960L has all sorts of different effects ranging from reverbs to modulation effects. I…

  • Roland SRE-555

    Roland SRE-555 - moosers's review


    The Roland SRE-555 is a chorus echo device, designed for use in the recording studio. It is made up of all analog parts, with XLR and 1/4" connections, both of which are located in the front. I'm not sure if it has more connections in the back (whi…

  • Deltalab Effectron II ADM 1024

    Deltalab Effectron II ADM 1024 - moosers's review


    The Deltalab Effectron II ADM 1024 is a digital delay unit, of which I'm not sure what types of connections the 1024 has as the one that I have used was already racked up in the studio that I used it at.  The 1024 is cased in a single space rack moun…

  • Orban Dual Reverberation 111B

    Orban Dual Reverberation 111B - moosers's review


    The Orban Dual Reverberation 111B is a stereo spring based reverb system.  The unit is an analog one consisting of XLR connections.  Each of the two channels has the same configuration.  The 111B is rack mountable and will take up two rack spaces. U…

  • Lexicon PCM96

    Lexicon PCM96 - moosers's review


    The Lexicon PCM96 is a stereo reverb and effects box.  While it has mostly reverbs to offer, it also has a slew of other effects as well.  This is a digital piece of outboard gear that has all sorts of connections including inputs and outputs for MID…

  • Roland RE-201 Space Echo

    Roland RE-201 Space Echo - mooseherman's review


    This analog tape echo is one of the all time great models. Often considered a classic, it's been imitated and reissued but for some reason most of the echos don't come close. This is probably because a lot of imitators do not have an actual reel of t…