Ibanez AD-202 Analog Delay
Ibanez AD-202 Analog Delay

AD-202 Analog Delay, Delay / Echo from Ibanez.

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Crabe05 10/31/2013

Ibanez AD-202 Analog Delay : Crabe05's user review

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Analog Rack including chorus, flanger, doubler and a delay modulation.

It has two inputs with level control: a "line" and "line / mic" input (you choose the type pulling the knob) input, both inputs go through a corrective tone adjustable (small filter to accentuate bass or treble, pretty cool). It selects the effect using a rotary switch (this is where we also bypass) and each effect is controlled by the same four buttons: time, speed, width, regen.

For "time" is the time delay. It goes to the very short time by short (no more than a few seconds and saw to nose)
The "speed" is the speed of modulation (which is kind of slow a bit less than 1 Hz up to a dozen), the "width" is the amplitude modulation (which is not very far either more).
As for the "regen" is neither more nor less than the feedback (possibility of feedback or no feedback system, quite interesting by the way). The feedback is used for both the delay and the time for the flanger.

There is a "blend" button that corresponds to the mix between dry and wet, there is the mixed output and dry output and an input for a pedal that activates the remote effect, quite handy.


The module is very easy to use, no need to be a genius to be able to find the sound you desire.


The effects are fun. The chorus is runny, the delay is ... analog flanger is a bit disgusting, the doubling is a little dirty ... I am a big fan.
Overall, the unit will not close in the effect parameters, but at the same time it goes far enough to make it funny.


I do not know what to put as a note. If it were up to me I will put 15 of 10 ...
I bought this ... thing ... to a friend for a bite of bread, and when I plugged it I spent two hours at tampering in any way with my Dark Energy: a pure delight.

This stuff is old: he feels old, it tastes old, it sounds old ... and it's pretty awesome.
It is full of defects: bandwith is poor, the effects are anything but clean, the unit is at odds with accurate and current effects too perfect, but it has that je ne sais quoi of attracting this analog warmth, this gain inimitable you turn most any chirping sounds in the peculiar flavor, a little shaky, a little risky ...

Frankly, I am a huge fan of that unit is present. If you are looking for a beautiful chorus or delay owl, go your way. But if you are looking for hot chocolate + marshmallow then made a hug this little device and plug it, you will not regret it.