Ibanez AD-202 Analog Delay
Ibanez AD-202 Analog Delay

AD-202 Analog Delay, Delay / Echo from Ibanez.

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tiegolego 04/10/2013

Ibanez AD-202 Analog Delay : tiegolego's user review

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Stereo chorus, flanger, delay and doubling, we say that this is a period-based analog Bucket Brigade presets with time delay, the technology that followed the echo tape


can no longer use simple input to an output effect and a direct output (phase reversed if I remember correctly, like most BBD delay, a larger space effect)


My favorite time of the genre, right next to the Yamaha E1010,. Precise and ample dark at once.
cut it down, but formidable in its spectrum of choice, I'd 100-7-800Hz
I have two, one used mainly on synths, an insert, the other on the auxiliary table
despite the lack of treble, it adds something to the same high an organ, piano, and of course the voice. I can not speak guitar but I think it's still a bit ^ m out for that.
On the bridge pickup of my bass (Rickenbacker4001: acute mic> 1 output / mic serious> 1out): it moves net, animated severe.
I found listening to a little mono synth to tilt one, the guy had plugged the delay but it was "normal", not understand, no effect and suddenly he routed mode on "delay" and there, O my brothers I got a slap my ears reddened. Rather short delay, regeneration medium. Sparks, lightning: the perfect body and movement


I had a lot of delays and chorus analos flanges, and this one stands out for me. The Mic / instrument works well with line level range input gain is calibrated. I never had a scratch on the knobs.
You do again this choice?
Pfff .....
I'll take a third would