Ibanez AD-202 Analog Delay
Ibanez AD-202 Analog Delay

AD-202 Analog Delay, Delay / Echo from Ibanez.

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Ibanez AD-202 Analog Delay : Anonymous 's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Doubling-delay chorus flanger
-Rglage with 5 knobs, no edition pc (unlikely ca ...)
-2 Entries (mic / instrument), 2 outputs (dry / effect), making a foot swich (bypass)


Super-simple configuration
5-edition via knobs; gafe to do with the "regeant" especially with the delay, otherwise it can quickly go on a testicle, but mastering it is too good ...
-Manual?? Sorry I ever had.


Effects-effective, it sounds (after I am no expert)
I use it on my guitar, especially for the delay, but sometimes I stick it in the ass of the mixing desk, and also it's been his office.
-The flange and chorus are good, the Doubling is really "trip", even funny, my prefer is of course the delay.on can vary the speed in real time, and it can give great envolles (attention rglage to the "regeant" or else watch the ears ... "regeant" = feedback, and it is really long ...


-Ca is 2 years since I
The change-speed delay and may feedbak etr super long ...
-I have a HeadRush, and I test the models boss.
I'd buy a guy who said "do not know how to use "(???!!!!???). 100 euros ... it apparently not on silent AF ... so good value quality / price ...
I think if it falls in the road I will do everything to restore even though it has cost me the price of a new one!