Ibanez AD-202 Analog Delay
Ibanez AD-202 Analog Delay

AD-202 Analog Delay, Delay / Echo from Ibanez.

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pilip 04/15/2012

Ibanez AD-202 Analog Delay : pilip's user review


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multi-purpose mono analog-based BBD


many parameters. everything at hand. Input and output jacks on the front. (Nothing back)

This is mic and instrument, for the best possible sound with a synth, consider putting an ID or an adapter type "shure a15a" input.
Output level weakling! but very few blows out so we can amplify it without problem.


delay is particularly dull (more than a space echo). When we add clarity to the tone knob, AC adds harmonic distortion. This is vintage very friendly to handle.
The feedback has an output limiter, which is convenient because that avoids the feedback loop does not saturate (big plus compared to a space echo or AC gets too dirty past few loops, from my point of view).
Feedback is modulated via an LFO sine that can be played on the amplitude and speed = can give life to the delay! fx guaranteed

The knobs are logical, well-chosen values, in particular feedback (regeneration) who goes on a self-oscillation only limit on the knob. The velocity modulation is itself against too squished on the limit of the knob.
The construction is top notch, I got mine with a few cosmetic defects (presumably shocks), but no knob crackles nor does this abnormal resistance, no loose connection. It's really tough as we do not see anymore unfortunately.

The flanger can go into self-oscillation! attention to the tweeters ..........


super multi-effect, I use it for its delay with analog synths and this is really great. I sold my space echo! (Too much maintenance and much less precise ...).