Boss CE-300 Super Chorus
Boss CE-300 Super Chorus

CE-300 Super Chorus, Chorus from Boss.

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delayedbis 02/28/2013

Boss CE-300 Super Chorus : delayedbis's user review

«  very good in its register »

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1U rack chorus.

Analog technology, panasonic Roland chips after the serial number, it would be 1986 (

an input and two outputs, which are present both in the front and rear, always practical.

course no publisher or noon

One can find on the net schemes in question, filter frequencies etc ...


configuration plug and play, no need for manual (I do not know if it is still findable elsewhere)

5 controls: input level, rate, depth, tone and level

intuitive, convenient and fast


it is a model developed in the mid 80's, so obviously the sound suffers. If you want a typical sound of the time, this is the rack for its own value for money. I heard that this is the same circuit as the Roland Juno, to confirm.

At present, it is still used sparingly, as needed. Magnificent synths and electric guitars.

The dry / wet is well studied and the depth and speed.


use for ten years, never disappointed

I tried a lot of chorus pedals, but rack format, this is the one that touched me, like for Rockman stereo chorus.

Its grain is subtle, neither too hot nor too cold and not too warm. on the other hand, it is not at all comparable with ce1.

200 euros, I think that the price and choices are justified.