Boss CE-300 Super Chorus
Boss CE-300 Super Chorus

CE-300 Super Chorus, Chorus from Boss.

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Polyconnect 09/24/2003

Boss CE-300 Super Chorus : Polyconnect's user review


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That's basically the classic chorus pedals boss intgres in a rack. Everything is very simple, all custom settings are available in faade. Input level, chorus rate, depth, effect on / off, tone and level.
The inputs and outputs are available at both the rear and faade. There is also a entrepdale to bypass the machine's rear.


Extremely easy, so good


Good at all! If you like good chorus of Prince, this machine is for you. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get trs one, they are rare ... Trs hot, and both the sound of icy roland chorus. Use with caution in the mix, but when done right, sounded too good!


This machine is as old as me (1980) and it always gives me much pleasure to use. On a good analog synth or a guitar is really excellent. If you spend a surveyor in the classifieds, buy it!