Alesis QuadraVerb
Alesis QuadraVerb

QuadraVerb, Reverb from Alesis in the QuadraVerb series.

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Andrew Kirkland 02/28/2016

Alesis QuadraVerb : Andrew Kirkland's user review

« amazing rack for the money »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
This rack is wonderful, I would recommend always using an FX loop with this, or a Main In. I run this quadraverb PLUS with my strymon timeline into the fx loop of my AXE FX 2, it sounds amazing. through an amp it'd sound good but it'd be way better with an fx loop ( it could be noisy in front of an amp) I use chorus strings sounds, taj mahal, ballad snare, echo from the left/right, velocity-reverb. Resonator, ring mod, and sampling are super cool too. I use it as a lo-fi slowdive, ride, verve sound. Now I have an PCM 70 rack with the timeline in the fx loop of the axe fx. But now with the timeline I put it on feedback loop/send/return, and hook up the quadraverb on just two flange types, one slow metallic one that sync with the delay repeats on the timeline, and a fast rotary one that syncs fast/sound fluttery/trippy. I also use the sampling and then use my delay loop as well for some really layered tones. the sample is quick so you can make a cool loop that repeats, and then the timeline make more advanced loops over it. then I have my PCM 70 for all the quality reverb/delay sounds. The lexicon is more cocteau twins u2 high fidelity, Pink Floyd from that era. The alesis is more lo fi, the verbs/delays are great, but ultimately, it is not my main go to anymore. But it is a good option in the feedback loop, and as a secondary lo fi unit.