Alesis QuadraVerb
Alesis QuadraVerb

QuadraVerb, Reverb from Alesis in the QuadraVerb series.

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Fr@ggel 01/16/2005

Alesis QuadraVerb : Fr@ggel's user review


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- A device that can generate up to 4 effects simultaneously (in stereo or mono).
- Bandwidth 20 Hz to 20 kHz
- 85 dB Dynamic
- Reverb, Delay, Pitch, Equalizer and Change
- Full MIDI compatibility


Then there is a different kettle of fish!
We must go select a program, then an effect or parameter (~ 12), change the setting and repeat for the other.
I do not think it's super convenient, I prefer the buttons to turn (what the pots), as we see it (or means) immediately change.
The 90 factory presets are not all operation of the technology (much alike).
Personally I use only two or three programs.


Once we escaped with the settings can be appreciated the quality of the material. Used mainly for effects on the voices, I'm pretty happy.


This is an effect that date but is pretty robust.
The thing wrong is its power by transformer ... and casually, he makes his weight. With an integrated power supply, it would be a treat.