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Synnic 09/05/2014

Multivox Mx-312 : Synnic's user review

« Multivox MX-312 Is Analog Echo Goodness »

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The Multivox MX-312 is a vintage, solidstate tape echo unit. It also has a spring reverb unit in it. It has connections for various audio levels at both input and output. It is a vintage device, so there is not PC connectivity.


The manual is reasonably well done and includes a block diagram of the unit. All controls are explained, some better than others. Configuration of the device is simple and the controls provide a wide variety of sounds.


I have used this device with guitar and keyboard to good effect. With proper care and maintenance the sound quality is quite good. The spring reverb in the unit is fairly subtle, so don't expect large alterations in sound from it. The tape echo effects are quite variable and can be set anywhere from subtle to "Oh my, really?" Replacing the endless tape loop is a bit painful as they are no longer available and you must find heavy duty 1/4 inch tape and cut and splice your own loop. I highly recommend having an Editall S-2 splicing block if you can find one.


This unit is pure analog goodness. There are things you can do with it that I have, so far, never seen a good software emulation of. On the downside, it does require maintenance and replacing the tape loop is a bit painful. This is my first vintage tape echo unit. I have not had an opportunity to try other tape echoes. Since I got this at the local pawn shop, my price/value was quite good. Yes, I would by this again. The sound quality is good and the unit is solidly built.