Tascam SX 1
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All user reviews for the Tascam SX 1

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 4 reviews )
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FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Tascam SX 1
Everything is great. i can't say much, besides everything's great.

$1,150 CDN


Although the unit is a little overwhelming at first, some time spent with the manual can clear up the cobwebs in no time. the manual itself is in depth but the layout of it is a little confusing. it just needs better organization. the extra "quick start tutorial" included is a joke though, it's unecessary and really only explains half of everything.

very rugged and sturdy design. the entire body of it is made of metal, no plastic structure at all. it is definately robust enough to use at a gig, buttons are well laid out, all knobs and buttons have GREAT action for live performance, however, those wonderful little vacuum tubes seem a little fragile for a lot of transport. all in all, the unit is built like an olympic athlete / supermodel: tough, purposeful, and friggin' GORGEOUS.


Phat and warm sound. many boast, but korg's valve force technology with real vaccuum tubes actually does warm up that digital sound. the effects are stellar, but the reverb could use some other settings; as it stands, only the decay time and wet/dry mix can me modified. this is no biggy, however, as a more advanced reverb can be applied in your mixdown to protools or other sequencing programs. the clarity of sampling is nice, 44.1 khz, no complaints at all.


I couldn't be happier with the SX-1. many samplers may boast "the new classic of samplers/drum machines" but the SX-1 could definately fill that role. it is a integral part of my studio and will be for years to come, i'm sure.

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: Unknown (January 2-, 2003)

amot's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam SX 1
A report qualitprix poustouflant. This machine is simply a more complte and most of the pro Systmes while one in its price range (30006000euros). Everything is there, the recording to CD mastering REDBOOK through the mix vid o 5.1 (all kinds of timings supported). Routing "total" can CRER features such as broadcast or multi-channel multiband mastering.


All functions are accessible on the surface of CONTRL (ultra prcis jog, tactile faders etc. ..) in order to work faster (which saves time over a PC or a config studio!). A workbook of more than 200 pages dtails Describes the smallest of the machine.


The converters are excellent, the sound is completely transparent with a dynamic breath Systmes DDIS comparable to high-end (protools, motu, etc. ...); Otari with a nice little lamp pramp , that is the joy!
There is a formulation of the M5000 (TCWorks MEGAREVERB), a 3bandes EQ and a dynamics processor prcis by trs (compressor, gate, expander, with side chain, SETTING THE the hysterysis, ...), and the knee of a variety of effects: Antares mic modeling, speaker modeling, Tascam distortion, guitar comp, soft kneecomp, compressor, goddess, stereo exciter, chorus, delay, phaser, flanger , pitch Schifter, dither, test tone generator


I use it for beginners in September and I remain in awe of the BTE. I don 'expect it to have such quality with so many possibilities that price (3000 euros in MS!).

moiprovlux's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam SX 1
For CHARACTERISTICS .... www.tascam.fr (http://www.tascam.fr)
What I remember: complte connections; 16 inputs and XLR-jack + insert on each channel; fantme power supply (for 4), 2 circuits monitors, two headphone outputs.
Routing infinite ...
Automation complte, multi-effects

Warning trs heavy (40kg) and compact trs; vrifier that you must pass a door ...


Machine directs PRO: it has for that I love ... but we must return to the logic of the machine ... when it was captured, it can do everything with ... I will try to use 50%
its ability ... I'll have a year of learning, if you too your presss: place your
way because you are going to take the head .. ; Machine reserve for people who are dipping the
routing of a studio "normal"; old school sense of APRS: APRS output the sound ... (Even if you can dj occur as and, we can fine-tune mixes a Manir ultra prcise (eg automation: volume, mute the insert, because legalization;
With the VGA screen ... is happiness.

Happy to move from a project the other;
I tried the automation ... It's easy ... and powerful because you can automate everything!
.... The full manual is in English ... is better to dbrouiller a minimum ....


I is too early, but I can say that the EQ section is rev performance and complements;
yet the sound suits me well trs, trs effects are satifaisants

APRS 2 months of use: its dynamics and transparency of the appointment.


You have the impression of being at the controls of a plane ... you your in the shoes of a producer who mixes the album of the year. The machine inspires confidence and makes trs pro .. ct of Sx1 stations roland, akai yamaha or similar toys; both Windows client, I can say that the SX1 and OS (BEOS) form a couple IDAL: a pleasure to see and hear, for me the power of this machine is the perfect Russianness of intgration between the party audio and computer hardware;
I recommend this machine and it all attentions.mais MRIT REALLY does not release people because its complex and flexible architecture trs requires learning certain.
BRAVO !!!!!! TASCAM It MRIT greater commercial success given its quality!
make it/egizu05/30/2004

make it/egizu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam SX 1
was 9 months I use it, 16 entries for a & c's syncro (SMPTE) and the I & ador but on the 96mhz? as promised on the tin ....


The config is simple ... the manual iFrance insufisant parametriq & the Band 4??


I absolutely love the tansparance & Dynamics ds AD / DA! Moin ls are effectively trim the preamp, fx + ls than friendly


The cot soumarin! Jai 1tsr8, very good c pro with it you really save live1 grp, syncro analog recorder> vieu atari ste, synth etc ... I would do this choice? Course, but in analog c ls hit that ap you! bizar what is no one test or anything taboo c