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dbx Digital PA Controllers news

  • dbx ZonePRO™ 1260m/1261m

    dbx ZonePRO™ 1260m/1261m

    06/12/10 in dbx ZonePRO 1260m

    The new 1260m, 1261m, 640m and 641m join the 1260, 1261, 640 and 641: The new ZonePRO devices share the same total numbers of inputs and outputs as their equivalent siblings but feature additional mic/line inputs.

  • dbx Media Engine for SC Digital Matrix Processors

    dbx Media Engine for SC Digital Matrix Processors

    06/09/10 in dbx SC 64

    dbx Professional Products, a Harman International Company, introduced the Media Engine for its SC Digital Matrix Processors.

  • Dbx Driverack PX Now Shipping

    Dbx Driverack PX Now Shipping

    10/05/08 in dbx DriveRack PX

    Dbx Professional anounces that the new DriveRack PX Powered Speaker Optimizer is shipping.

  • [NAMM] dbx launches System Core

    [NAMM] dbx launches System Core

    01/18/08 in dbx SC 64

    Dbx® Professional Products is introducing the new SC 64 (System Core) and SC 32 Digital Matrix Processors.

  • [NAMM] dbx Driverack PX

    [NAMM] dbx Driverack PX

    01/18/08 in dbx DriveRack PX

    Dbx® Professional Products introduces the new DriveRack® PX Powered Speaker Optimizer, the latest in the dbx DriveRack family of products.