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mrPESSOA 05/10/2011

Roland FP-5 : mrPESSOA's user review

" Very good keyboard"

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88 keys, 2 HP integrated but not very powerful, Midi input and output, 3 footswitch inputs, sounds:
electric pianos,
guitars and basses,
GM instrument,
and simulation of electric organ drawbar.

Possibility of split the keyboard into two zones,
possibility of perceived support / bass / instrument non-editable.

Reverb and base effects (chorus, rotary, phaser, distortion, etc.).


Very nice touch, lighter than a real piano, but remains realistic.
It fits wonderfully with my use (mostly jazz).

Manual clear and sufficient.

General configuration is very simple, impossible to lose.

By noon, I only use the keyboard, which happens without any problems. I prefer to play midi with my Axiom Roland: Roland's touch allows much more precision and finesse!


The sounds are very suitable, and even better. Mostly acoustic piano, electric piano and some few organ sounds: very realistic. Other sounds are correct, I see them more as accreditation.

The expression is very good. The effects are quite effective. That said, to a professional game, firstly because the hp integrated amplifier are good enough, secondly maybe use another reverb than the roland.

There is no sound that I hate about this piano. While I am not a fan of bands, but they stay abreast of everything that happens.


I use it for 7 years. I tried a Yamaha, Roland other, and quite a little less ambitious keyboard (Technics, even Bontempi!)
Between a Roland or a Yamaha, must make a choice: I envy those who can have a very frank opinion about it. I had a lot of personal trouble deciding. But I do not regret having this cool keyboard at home.
I play a lot with headphones for better sound reproduction than the speaker, and I never get tired of this instrument. I do not intend to buy another electric keyboard: it is very good.