Roland FP-5
Roland FP-5

FP-5, Digital Piano from Roland in the FP series.

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Docteur Frog 02/11/2003

Roland FP-5 : Docteur Frog's user review


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Among the 41 new Roland "2003" here's a small rvolutions discrtes that caught my attention: The Roland FP-5. The FP-5 is the new Roland Piano numrique portable 88-intgrant the new keyboard technology (reproduction of the dual exhaust).

It possde 7 groups of 64 sound variations (catgories / Family sounds) including 6 programs organ drawbars and 4 kits from the battery module XV5080 like everything else for that matter. More than 256 internal sounds (via e module internal accessible pm) offers a multitimbral instrument (GM2 / GS). The particularity of this instrument is that of del-possder an excellent sound quality (via Audio output / can be estimated that the amplification intrinsque of the instrument is enjoyable in an apartment or as an adjunct Back to branch scne but when the FP-5 on a system audio srieux: It's rgal). I test at a scne Backline and what struck the musicians there is the balance between bass and treble. The sound is deep and enjoyable trs. In terms of sound there are only the sounds of Piano PC2, K2600, and the module Yamaha Silent Pianos me arrested.

State fact, the FP-5 processor possde Style Partner offering gimics into 5 parts (Drum - Bass - Chords - etc.). Thanks and shows its LED screen rotates agreements with the two time advance to allow the anticipation of improvisation or plan. Also available with the rear USB port, the user is able to store in a memory buffer of a max squence midifile couraging it has with the software of their choice and tranfrer through the port in the FP-5 thanks to Roland CDRom Driver comes with USB.
Moral: The musician points to scne with its program of internal and x morceux if prvu when recording to validate recognition agreements since its 'Songs' What's going on there ... Led the ? :-) Excellent.

Cts connections: While sr 2xOut 6.35mm (sym / asym) 2xInput 6.35 (sym / asym) 2xPhones 3.5 Stereo, USB, MIDI In / Out jacks Damper (with book ), Soft *, Sostenuto * (* assignable) and the DC power supply of the spare book.


Touch is really excellent. OK, some pianists say "Mouuuuaaaais, the keyboard is softer than the Yamaha P60/P80/P120." Of course! But I made an in-store study the hardness of the 88-key hammer keyboards (Yamaha P120 / Roland FP5 / SP300 Korg / Kawai MP9000 and ES1) against a conventional Piano vritable whose particularity is to be quiet when you want, the Yamaha U1 Silent apprcier for all the nuances of DIFFERENT touches. Well, here = P120/P80/P60 The Yamaha is so heavy as to be heavier than a piano and vritable mcanique following comes closest to +? Jackpot, the Roland FP-5! Except, hh must not make the couse of the note depth does not possde amplitude Espree. So pianistically .... Mouuuaaaiss ... ! :-) Yamaha P120. Now, all the environment and architecture of the FP-5 is carrment gniale, the sound is terrible it's a really good instrument amplifier and sound quality comes from the intrinsque XV5080. APRS So, you continue the article of this product objectively, is a hard rev myself since I never took as much pleasure on a piano numrique of scne that since the first day on my hands I pos on the first PC2X Kurzweil. The Fp-5 will be my choice deuxime. The particularity of this product is that it was understood, it is amplified but possde a USB port to transfer the squence MIDI File into the keyboard and left with her songs in a SET m Buffer memory for absolute autonomy.
Operation is simple, it is regrettable shortcuts exhaustive or select other menus for scne but for those who want good sound at the right time, "attention is a hot spot!" . In addition there possde a section which serves PARTNER rhythmic driver for RPET or trainig with drum loops and bass and guitar Gimics of all served in a relaxed Funky - Groove - Jazz - Soul not conceals. Enregitreur Internal Causes! All there!


The sounds are those of Roland XV5080. Fewer but high quality. The piano is simply a monster, he tends to take almost any bed in any mix or an album faade. The bandwidth is so broad that it does not let the sound of the FP-5 canibalisent whole mix. But damn, excuse me, the term, what instrument.


OK, the race of the note could have been deeper but for parties :-) Clavinet, Organ or other, do we need to note the race of genuine? If you want to make authentic and MIDI is a Yamaha Silent achte or Seiler or equivalent. In short, the amplification is as good in the house back on scne, the sounds are excellent and everything is served in a beautiful instrument champagne iodine. If your song refers your feathers, you are the phnix of these woods ...

Indicative price: around 1900 euros public. but then does a Grave!

Dr. Frog