Roland RD-300SX
Roland RD-300SX

RD-300SX, Digital Piano from Roland in the RD series.

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All user reviews for the Roland RD-300SX

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 8 reviews )
 7 reviews88 %
 1 user review13 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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funkygroovyrhodes's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RD-300SX
Features dj dcrites. For rsumer, it is a Stage of Roland, 88-key hammer bank with classic sounds: piano and EP / Organs good or very good quality and then the rest (tablecloths, guitars, brass) that are unusable on stage (and even less in the studio)
Weight is an asset. For wear Korg Triton Pro X or Rhodes, it is clear that this facilitates dplacement. Finally, count all the same do with this Paris Roubaix RD300 on the luggage rack ...
A good grade because the most imprtant sounds are very good (piano, organ and EP) and the weight is correct.


Honestly, in terms of the use, it does not ask too much. For rsumer I divided into two parts:
1) memorize its presets: yes, you can, but the small screen does not make things easier. In addition, all is not backed up. So we must also memorize some parameters in his head (leslie for example, or the parameters of the second pedal)
2) Contrle in real time: for the equalizer is very good. For faders that are used to split and dual, it is also very convenient to have them on hand. For the rest (cd effects that we would like to add ...), you must enter the menu and remember abbreviations ...

In the end, I always use the same sounds and know my heart rglages by these few sounds. It seems to me simpler than the presets.
For those who want the Controller in ral time and facade, as well as real backup presets, you can trouner to Clavia (2 times more expensive all the same)


Sons of Rhodes piano and organ are at the top.
The keyboard is pleasant: it's good for jazzeux Roland So, we like.
The vlocit is very good (for example with its bibaleloulap cd small voice ragissent according to vlocit and out of DIFFERENT sounds)
The effects will not use. For my part, I have my branch wha and my tremolo on the RD and I do not use internesdu RD300 effects.


For those who want a good course with some big sounds (deu first piano, the three EP and one or two organs) and that a reasonable price, go for it.
For those who want ral time with adjustable presets at top: thank you to contact Clavia

capillotraktor's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RD-300SX
It is a 88 keys, stereo audio outputs, midi in / out / thru, pedal and damper control. Ten banks each with 10 instruments. Simple but effective.


The keyboard, vast subject ... I will limit myself to my own experience. I bought this keyboard 4 years ago, at the time that's what we did best in class digital piano stage, apart from its big brother the RD-700 SX. I liked the heavy touch and sound realistic. Looking back a little flattering, and not necessarily easy to manage in the mix: you need a good engineer in the face. Finally after 3 repairs for moisture (and yes in Bordeaux is repeated in caves ...) and above 4 years of intensive use pro (reweighed, concerts, baladages ...) in groups of jazz, reggae, salsa and Balkans (Romania and Turkey), I can say that he has held the road, except that the springs are pretty Shooting Down (but it appears that the salseros change their keyboard every two years ... I want to believe) . The three octaves plants have lost almost all their velocity.
Some details for an annoying stage piano: ridiculous display (resolved on the top model, but 5OO euros more at the time), editing splits tedious, in fact too few buttons on the dashboard which is rather poorly lit . Basically if you exit the config piano, plan to know in advance or put your fingers. The pitch is very nice, it lacks a modulation for Leslie.
The rhythmic accompaniment can help to work.
If not drive, impossible to fly from another keyboard, it really is a stage piano trend spartan.


In terms of what can be learned, it is good in the studio or on stage if you use: piano (the first, especially for jazz, possibly the second for salsa) and electromechanical (Rhodes quite even if nothing to do with Clavia example, Wurlitzer and Clavi used, why not even harpsichord); organs (two or three interesting but Leslie to reactivate every time, not practical) groundwater (rich and deep) to Otherwise, strings and brass hideous as usual (that is to fill memory and give an impression of versatility, quality severely limits the use). The "doubidouba" singing is impressive, with the syllable which varies according to four levels of velocity. Anecdotal but nice.
My rating is severe because the Clavia now bury this unit on the instruments that really matter for my use: piano, rhodes and hammond. However it has the resource, a dual Rhodes / Strings for example makes it very well, especially since you can adjust the balance of the two sounds with dedicated faders, in return for this setting is not remembered, and it is a real draw in concert, if we pass rapidly through a complex set you better have good reflexes to get the correct config-time (hence my note on "Use").


In short a good stage piano at a reasonable price in terms of touch and sound, with less focus on patient situation. Many pub was carried around the weight is on ... sure that others are worse, but do not expect to walk for miles with, even with a good bag with wheels is hard, for cons to load and unload the truck, no need to be two . For those who want something really versatile (or ball situation where the keyboard should be present and very versatile), look more like a Yamaha Motif in my opinion. Those who want both piano, Rhodes, Hammond, if you have the budget see the Nord Stage. Those who are just interested in a good imitation piano and some additions to the scene, it's still a very good choice.

Directtodreams's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RD-300SX






I am a professional musician, I wanted a good stage piano for my two groups I Mount (Genesis tribute band and tribute band Marillion). The RD300 is a killer! already a flyweight amazing that facilitates transport well! it's really convenient, it is even more lightweight than my Triton 61 notes! sounds are trs trs trs good! acoustic piano trs good!
I highly recommend this piano for its sound quality and practicable!

Audiophile's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RD-300SX
Put on notice day 16/04

For me it CHARACTERISTICS weight is ... weight! 15 Kg .. Related qualitpoids there's no better.
It might just be a bit shorter
He seems fairly indestructible

Really not practical: the external power supply ...


Good touch, although a little lightweight.
More than a lightweight acoustic piano course, but also more lightweight than my old RD600.
However he rebounded better.
The heavier touch in the bass (or less lightweight plutt) as an acoustic piano
If we compare the RD700, even when we feel that the compromise on weight: a little less ballast, a little more resilient. But it's still trs aggrable and effective. Roland feel good.

Ergonomics rglages great for singles, etc Access in presets.
However, to edit the effects, it becomes quite tedious with a 3-segment display and 3 buttons ... Not about tinkering too live ... of or intrt ... presets!


The new sounds are much better than the gnrations Previous (case the RD600)

I use a lot of samples that are external PC always Annes Lumire to what can be put in the memory of a poor keyboard scne.
Nanmoins, roland sounds on some pianos and rhodes trs trs are good, work well and textures in perfect harmony with progressiv keyboard. The formulation of rsonance of the fort is adjustable pedals and quite practitioner.

The expression is excellent, the dynamics does not saturate in the strong (as with the Yamaha ...)
Only regret: no rglage end of the curve rponse keyboard (just soft / medium / hard)

Pass acoustic and electric pianos, plus some ground shuffled, the rest sounds more relvent gadget (but it feels good to have some fun)


I bought his release
Likes: weight weight weight! the overall expressiveness and good coupling keyboard / vlocitsons
I like least: the ergonomics compare my late RD600
I bought one without hsiter RD700SX with 10kg less ...

I had an essay about it to the MP9500, which remains the REFERENCE level touching for me who loves the heavy (but not at all in the same CATEGORY!)

For those who want a good piano scne under 15kg, APRS is to me the best compromise.

[-Green_Shisha-]'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RD-300SX
88-key hammer (but not the Yamaha P120 either ...), 70 sounds in the memory of the piano, 270 GM2 sounds, battery kits, beats Intgr, 78 effects (original ralistes bizarrodes or personally love the fact N60 ...), making Damper, Control for pedals, phones, MIDI In and Out, USB MIDI, Line L / Mono, R. Short of simple, effective and sufficient for everyone even for scne or home studio.
Basically, see the instructions on the piano ...


The feel is right for me perfectly, neither too hard nor too soft, and more can be rgler the rponse of touch for the "fff" (fortissimo) can both play the Schumann, a piece of Satie , a blues, jazz and reggae ... Setup is simple, few buttons, a mode of practice of disabling buttons facade. Switches, knobs and faders are Submitted for MIDI, I have not been able to test it, but it looks to me srieux. I d by ngocier against a manual in French, if not ... Parlez-vous Francais? Deutsch sprechen?


The sounds are very ralistes, organs are excellent (playing effects and pedals Control for Leslie ... MIAMM!), The Rhodes dchirent, the clavinet is not too bad, especially pianos are standards. Other sounds (strings, pads, voices) are perfect. Amme is the "sound" Gnsis ... guitars do not serve me at all, but it is very practitioner. The effects can make a super key "personal" your sound, I find myself gniaux. The VLOC is good, the aftertouch too. But hey, it does not replace a good wooden hammer ...
I love the sound of the Fender Rhodes.


I use it in my room naked Students of teeth, but I lugs around very often for rptitions and concerts, so it is heavy to wear quickly, even if there is no more lightweight. But this is one reason why I did not choose the MP4 Kawa. I hsit a year before I pay the Roland, so I tried everything that was in many stores. Frankly, the MP4 boast for its sound is not my opinion: the Roland is much better. The Kawa is poorly sampled means the transition from one sample to another playing ... shame! in addition, 21kg, it's heavy. And he did not sound GM2 Intgr nor Voice "scat"!
In short, for Hercules 1230 with a foot and a semi-rigid flight case ... I would almost buy one deuxime! For me this is the best time of the piano (in this price range)

seanbateman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RD-300SX
88-key, normal, so ... Sounds relatively large, for me it is more, since I asked him c'tait primarily to be a piano, because I have a Triton ct more sound banks on my computer ... I would add that if the comment below me regrets the lack of something to ask his scores, I personally rent it. It's a piano scne, I use it for my components, so no partitition and frankly bored trs to have a pice of plastic bte derrire the body of piano, especially for transportation, or the ugly little holes rear mtallique To insert a rod to hold the partitions. Especially a lectern, it's really cheap, if you really need ... Collection's outdoor, this piano is quite an Aesthetics russia (less ugly than the unspeakable faux wood Yamaha Roland ...), so thank you for not inflicting us a.


Touch, if not that of a piano vritable, forcment is close enough to be enjoyable ... If anyone here has attempted on scne to play piano parts on a Korg Triton synth or other without touching the piano, it will be dj frankly delighted with the RD-300SX ... Softer than my upright piano, but enough to afford to play all that can be played on a piano vritable no surprises, and with the same enjoyable feeling of really playing the piano.
Setting simple, fairly intuitive buttons and ... Accs rapid DIFFERENT sounds, nothing wrong.
The manual is sufficient, plus the list of programs ... Given the simplicity of use, I do not see what more.
USB MIDI connectivity, it is convenient ... but hey, we will not make a keyboard-Matra, this is not the goal and there are no knobs for the a, so users are limits, and to play MIDI IN using sounds from the computer much more than OUT, although sr ...
9 I put just one thing: at times, I find the pedals a little erratic ...


As mentioned above, I just wanted a piano, a Korg Triton and I have my computer derrire branch, I do electro rock, so for the sound, I have everything Whereas what I needed UNLESS a piano that sounds really like a piano and not like cardboard ... In addition to my desire for a true piano touch for too many parts mlodiques more and more complicated where the Triton could not follow. And finally, I trs INTERESTED Discoveries sounds, and I soon Intgr certain organs, pianos and electric bills trs my compos ... Although sr, voices, brass and other sounds there are gadgets. But enough trsrussis sounds for the use of this piano is a real pleasure.


I almost bought his release on the market for beginners anne. In all music stores, the c'tait MODEL advised me that, and indeed, have APRS t trs moderately excited about the Yamaha, as much as the level of their overall ugliness , I report the Roland ... without really got to try it. I have no regrets, it is a good instrument trs. 15kg, this is not lightweight, but I do not see how to make a more lightweight 88-key without the ptisse in quality, so rev well, and frankly transportable. It is really compact, convenient for dplacements. On scne, trs well, even in the dark because its ease of use found its rglages quickly, he did so far not to trick jou , and taken on a sound system in concert halls, it sounds really good trs. I do not regret my choice for what I have tried other, I can tell you that nothing in this price (I pay 1200 ... least since I dtaxe live in Switzerland, so I'm shooting to the 1080, I believe) is not my opinion. It's a good bte and I intend to do a pice of the standard central mass of mess that surrounds me live much longer ...

clementsoullard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RD-300SX
88-key keyboard it hammer.
About a hundred sounds are easily accessible. There is also sound and diffrent GM2 drum kit there are some rhythms. It is far from being plthorique but all tones are of high quality.

It's really a keyboard scne East, for example there is nothing prvu to bring the scores, it's a shame, because before you know it by heart even when a lot of read the sheets!


Touch is trs enjoyable and close to a real piano. It is ideal to study. However, if the touch is not bad at all, it is not so raliste than RD700-SX - but it does not exactly boxing in the same CATEGORY. Prfre I dwell on the qualities that made me choose this keyboard:

- Using ultra simple. No need to program the machine, it will pass trs well, everything is intuitive.
- The order felt good: We RULES easily level layer, a legalization two bands will make the brilliant sound of the piano when switching from headphones to the monitor.
- One touch piano to piano rccuprer prfer of a button. This is not a principle gnral, but it rpond required 80% of pianists.
- A box for basic rhythm train home.

Compared to the RD 170, the keys are less plastic look.


The sounds are well trs small but quality in all we preset

- A tail sampled piano on all the notes we feel t he sampled on several levels VLOC. Added the dclinaisons classical piano softer, honky, piano study.
- The Electric Piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer sound! We can play on his sound effects for EP. Only the Clavinet that does not suit me, but it is subjective.
- Organs: zippers are missing ... but they are good.
- And the sounds useful: bass, violins, pads ... It yammer a Voice Ooh wah ... so funny that I want to do a piece just on that basis.

It's all good! Throw anything away!


I just bought it and did not undergo the proof of the concerts. But unless it fails I do not see how I could be the! This keyboard is not a decoy in the sense that it promises nothing gadget and I feel that all the money I invested was used for useful functions and it was just for a excellent quality price. The simplicity is the word for this machine matre completing his contract.

A final word on her weight is a strong marketing argument for this machine. 15 pounds is good, but it is lightweight yet

stoff73's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RD-300SX
See manufacturer website


Touch is enjoyable and trs is a product of good quality. It is obvious that this is to compare an acoustic piano in a piano numrique but its product range and price, it is part of the best keyboards available. The configuration possibilities are relatively minimal, but their edition is simple and relevant. The manual is well rdig. no surprises this level


The sound of this keyboard is acceptable for me and for my use (non-professional). While 50% sounds seem to me the gadget, but in regard to three main families of sounds (piano, electric piano, organ), there is (almost) as good surprises. The pianos are particularly successful.
Personally, I immediately find a little electric piano and organ, but it seems to me that these sounds are of good quality trs


Since about 1 month. Trs pleased with this acquisition. APRS trying all models matching this price, it silent clear (at least for me) that Roland MODELS last 2 were part of the trifecta. Although sr, while only a matter of taste. Today (mid-2005), there is no alternative offering tural ahead of the MODELS