Yamaha P-105
Yamaha P-105

P-105, Digital Piano from Yamaha in the P series.

public price: $999 VAT
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All user reviews for the Yamaha P-105

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Average Score:3.4( 3.4/5 based on 5 reviews )
 1 user review20 %
 2 reviews40 %
 1 user review20 %
 1 user review20 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
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Pianojiji's review"Good digital piano at an affordable price. All the cheaper ones I tried are gadgets. This one isn't!"

Yamaha P-105
I use this piano to play classical music at home, often at night for myself, with a headset. I already had an upright acoustic piano and a Clavinova digital piano, both too heavy to be easily moved.
I wanted a keyboard of good quality that could be easily moved, and didn't want to spend too much on it. When I went to the music shop, I tried all the available keyboards cheaper than this one, and was satisfied with none of them (gadgets, low sound quality, number of keys too low, or bad touch that prevented to put enough feeling). This digital piano was the cheapest one that met all my needs. Unlike my former Yamaha digital piano, the trebles are not too weak at the extreme right end of the piano. The keyboard is well-balanced, the keys quickly come back, and the touch is neither too weak nor too strong. It is a bit long and won't fit in all cars, but it is light compared to the other ones I've owned - one person can easily carry it alone -. It is easy to carry it if you often change rehearsal places. You can connect two headsets at the same time, and digital output for computers is also available.

A very good product that I recommend to everybody. Beginners, don't buy a cheaper product, otherwise you will have to buy a new one again once you have realized the piano you bought was more a gadget than a music instrument.

mrjason's review"great digital piano bad speakers"

Yamaha P-105
The Yamaha P 105 is a 88 key stage piano with a graded hammer, it only has 14 sounds but if you use it for live performance or on stage you will love the quality of piano sounds it will give you. This is the perfect performance keyboard. I recommend this digital piano to anyone who is a working musician. If you only need piano sounds then why go out and purchase an expensive workstation that has more than just piano on it. The Yamaha P 105 does not come with a stand or a bench. So you will need to take those extra expenses into consideration because some stands can get pretty expensive.


Setting it up takes no effort, just plug it in pick your piano then start playing. If you like how grand piano’s sound but don’t have access to a grand or baby grand then the Yamaha P 105 is the perfect replacement. Plus when you are traveling around you cannot take a grand piano with you though some stages and venues may have one there for you to use.


The Yamaha P 105 does have a 14 watt 2 way speaker system on it, it is decent but it could be a lot better. There are also built in drum patterns to play along with or you can use to work on your playing with drums like you are playing with a live drummer.


The only thing that the Yamaha P 105 could improve is the speaker system. But for the money it cost you cannot really expect to get a better speaker system. I recommend if you are going to get this digital piano to go out and get a good external speaker or monitor to use instead of the on board speakers. You will get a much better sound and a sound that will travel farther than the on board 14 watt speakers can.

laurent1407's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" blah blah blah"

Yamaha P-105
see other reviews or manufacturer website


touch ok, a little stiff for my taste.
typical solid compact yamaha no surprises on this side.
slightly insufficient amplification


against by the sound does not do long illusion!
as usual mediums are a dismal hollow it goes very well for a quick game like mozart but when you want the middle of the chest is lamentable kind chopin / debussy.
same problem if you play jazz cool.

the second piano sound is shameful.


Vendors claim that you made Yamaha acoustic therefore can do digital,

It is true I appreciate an old C3 I regularly on hand but the p105 is bad (I work) I think Roland and Casio are even better in this price range, I personally am fan of Kawai.

Thank you to trust your ears and not the sellers.
That will teach me I will have to use this piano since I was laziness to take more time to compare models and as often ones I wanted were not in stock.
When I need to use I wonder how many years I will have to undergo penance.
Well done to my mouth

musiclol's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Unbeatable value for money!"

Yamaha P-105
No MIDI!! Incredible!
Few sounds, but an excellent piano sound (it's a bit on the main type of model)
I am not using other sounds, whatever sometimes a little Rhodes is correct.
Keyboard 88 keys feel very nice and easy to play (for only 11Kg)


The touch is not that of CP5 course because it is not the same price or the same weight ...
But it is very nice and quite easy to play, unlike North keyboards that I sold because I was a fan of his and opportunities, but could not get used to this keyboard ...
They are certainly in very different price ranges, but I bought the North electro 3 HP to have a very easy to carry heavy keyboard ...
The P105 weighs about the same weight, but it has 88 keys and touch for me 1000 times better


The piano is stunning!
I have a CP5, several banks and very large quality on my computer (Ivory, Alicia Keys, etc ...).
Well the little P105 holds a candle on small gigs and some Live.

I certainly do not use it on the big concerts, but it's more fun to do for ME as a pianist, or have access to more and more areas MIDI combinations ... etc ...
But in the mix are some even that sounds better!


I bought 4 months ago, I had dozens of pianos of all makes these past 20 years ...
Roland Korg, Yamaha kurzweil ...
I like its weight, proper touch, the sound of piano, and small footprint.
I railed against the lack of MIDI and power through an external shabby tranfo which the cable is too short (soon it will no longer guaranteed I will open to weld transformer inside and install a socket for the sector)
Unbeatable value for money weight is my super extra keyboard or Gigs "simple"

zicotik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not taking MIDI!"

Yamaha P-105
Lack taking twelve o'clock


Rather nice touch


The sound is not bad at all


The keyboard is very good, everything is perfect in my opinion for the price, but there is no catch MIDI, just a Usb supposed to replace.
I do not understand why Yamaha decided to remove these jacks when they are present on other models of the brand, even the lower models.
more for my case I can not run the usb connection, so for now the keyboard and the computer can not communicate.
Thank you Yamaha.