Clavia Nord Electro 3 73
Clavia Nord Electro 3 73

Nord Electro 3 73, Digital Piano from Clavia in the Nord Electro 3 series.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 11 reviews )
 7 reviews64 %
 3 reviews27 %
Value For Money : Excellent

mrjason's review"better sounds than the Electro 2"

Clavia Nord Electro 3 73
The Nord Electro 3-73 has 73 keys, all of the sounds are pretty much piano sounds and organ sounds. It has on board effects but it cost 2200 bucks. That is on the higher end of most home musicians’ budget. I have used many of the synths that Nord makes, this is not the best one but it does have some really clean sounds and sweet effects. Setting up the Electro 3-73 Is not hard but it is not quick. You basically need to tell the Electro 3-73 exactly what types of stuff you are using like pedals and what kind of pedal it is.


I have used the Nord Electro 2 way before I had the Electro 3-73 and the sounds are really the only thing that is better to me. I liked the flow of the Electro 2 a little better than the Electro 3-73.


The organ sounds that this synth keyboard has are the best ones that Nord has ever had on any board they have come out with. These organs can compete with any sounding organ on any keyboard synth that has ever come out. That is how good they are, the downside of that is it lacks in the piano sounds. The piano sounds are useable but they are not as good as they should be considering how much this keyboard cost.


The feel of the keys on the Electro 3-73 have nice expressiveness and feel nice when playing. They have a little bit of weight to them but not too much for you to play your synth or lead lines with. Some people love to use the Electro 3-73 for live performances but I don’t feel like this keyboard is made for live performances because it takes a little time to set it up and get the sound that you want out of it. When I use live gigging keyboards I like to have the sounds right at my finger tips automatically and ready to go.

Soupalaseg's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent keyboard"

Clavia Nord Electro 3 73
Everything has been said.
Keypad 73 keys


The keyboard is very intuitive, the software itself, the use of the manual is almost useless.


What about ...


I use it for 4 months now, I can finally give my opinion.

The +:

- Sounds amazing, to say the least
- Settings for
- Super Reverb, it surprised me a lot
- Accurate touch on the piano despite touching waterfall
- A multitude of samples on the official site, and all quality
- Software included for editing samples and organize sounds
- Weight (9kg!)
- Tone organs excellent

The - (there are few):

The waterfall-touch is still very, very light
-The ridiculous memory, their best piano sample does not fit there. Well it certainly is not for the piano, but quickly finds himself limited and want to test some sounds trigger the obligation to remove some ... And no memory expansion card. Damage.
-The price, but the quality pays.

Previously I had a cdp-200r and korg m50-88. Neither one nor the other arrived at the ankle electro. The one that I was able to compete for his piano sound is a Yamaha CP50. But North offers a variety and sound quality in its polyphony Yamaha has not to my taste.

YannTaillade's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" little beast red race"

Clavia Nord Electro 3 73
see manual


see manual


see manual


poor value for money prices, synth quality.

very slightly less than 10 kg - handy for the stage with flexible flight clavia, although this one is probably made in China and is of poor quality.

very easy to use, but good audio quality
classic sounds (pianos, electric pianos, organs)

sample player with some real quality time controls (type reverb, flanger, chorus, wah, volume, pan etc.).
flash memory of 280 MB if I remember correctly (the samples remain in memory)

no pitch bend or modulation

possib. to create their own sounds and samples from a computer tool comes with NE73
Mr Raph04/08/2012

Mr Raph's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The reference"

Clavia Nord Electro 3 73
Keyboard 73 keys semi-weighted waterfall, ideal for the B3, Farfisa and Vox, good for Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Clavinet, on the other hand bad for pianos but that's not why I bought it.

Look fabulous

Level connectivity I regret that if we want out organs and pianos to different outputs are either forced to go in mono, two stereo outputs were independent foot.

The USB port allows only manage sounds, not to register such a shame.


Incredibly simple to use, everything is at hand: whether effects on / off or intensity, equalizer, gain, all settings for organ ... Finally a tool where you spend the most time playing and navigate menus in menus ...
The USB connection is really nice to classify sounds, rename, add, remove from ... It is an instrument "à la carte", personalized, in no time.

Small flat to access the different programs: that the inc / dec and A / B, suddenly it can be time to switch from one program to another, especially live example.


This is a killer ...

The organs are amazingly realistic ... whether B3, Farfisa and Vox. The leslie is great (although the drive get a bit cold when it is pushed but hey this is very widely playable), especially in the stereo headset is bleuffant
I just find it unfortunate that the keyclick that is adjustable in 3 positions (low / normal / high), a little more precision would have been nice.

Rhodes coupled with a twin reverb with a little overdrive and reverb room with 2/3 scary, it is the same with the Wurlitzer.

For the clavinet, which is nice is the 4 types of microphone position and the additional possibility of adjusting the brightness of the sound. We add the effect wha pedal hop and a D6 with a cry baby at the foot ... we broke fast, especially in groups.

Uprights are beautiful, also very realistic.

I do not use the pianos in this queuesur Clavie, by 80 against the CP is also very successful.

For samples, but it helps out good puisque'on can not modulate the sound, it's limited.


What can I say: great sound, great look, super light ... (Plus I got it at a great price).

I think this is a must for vintage keyboards, coupled with a stage piano (RD 300 NX for me), I have all the keyboards on hand, it's just huge.

And best of all: quality Swedish ... finish ... there was a real instrument.

Emersoncrane's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Long live the sudois!"

Clavia Nord Electro 3 73
Trs is a synth that quickly established itself as a references. I was looking for a synth dsemparement bringing together all the vintage sound possible, whether B3 organ, the Wurlitzer, the crack Rohde, or the mellotron ... and suddenly, on a forum I see that it recommends the NE3. I started drooling over all the video I could see on youtube, and without too rflchir, I pass the act. No regrets.


configuration is a bit complicated the Premire 10 minutes, but once you get the gear in hand, it is absolutely gnial is instinctive. The manual is in English, but to be honest, if a little common sense, we did not even need to open it.


Sounds, its all just wonderful, again, I rcemment acquired an amp Motion Sound KP-200s, and shuffled is absolutely orgasmic. Touch semi ballast is an excellent compromise, which might be the GNER used to a real piano, the latter to overcome this default could always sapproprie a second MIDI keyboard key hammer and hop. The effects are trsrussi, combined with speaker simulation, we get a quick rev sounds identical to the biggest albums of the 70's. Supertramp, Genesis, Emerson Lake and Palmer have no secrets for me ;-)!


I use it for 2 years and still bluff. I was red and the little red lights that does no more than what it takes to look optimistic instinct of this jewel.

septimax31's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" ALMOST PERFECT! THIS ELECTRO 3"

Clavia Nord Electro 3 73

Visiting my new favorite store and have tried a new keyboard
a very well known brand, I am left with a whim to test this great keyboard
Scarlet, new CLAVIA NORTH Swedish brand: The Electro 3.

In fact it seems the main competitor of the previously tested on both the red
dress the main panel and its ends, which are stamped

At first sight, on the panel are easily distinguished the different parts
switches, potentiometer and adjust sliders for Organs, Pianos and Different Mellotrons
that the Electro 3 holds in its bowels. The red and sounds Clavia are they as igniters
Blondes that matches this unrecognized Sweden?
A big white button, the back panel initiates the contact with the beast .....
and the panel LEDs light up in one or two seconds.

The test can begin .......


Editing sounds is easy to like the Clavia Nord previously released,
and who wants a sound or a sound Rhodes Upright Piano follows the procession of figures
Bank's factory tuned.

Remains then to your ear and your fingers to sense the degree of his perfect
you chose, Organ, Piano, Rhodes and Wurlitzer Stage73, without forgetting
Mellotrons some editable in its thick, dense ..... to discover!

Electro 3 on the advantage of a "bank user" is valuable because it can stoker
remember the sound edited for your own compositions without having to reprogram
Useful in a concert or in studio for the time savings!


Rhodes almost perfect, with the attack and the grain 70 '
time of the famous Doors ..... or later trips by Donald Fagen ....
Very good textures, Roland SRX will take a hit!

Do not talk about Hammond, where there are all shades and hues
Jazz 50, 70 or Bluesy Rock Rock 80, Sounds of the G3, which swells up and scrapes
feel the vibration in mechanical fingers! Bluffing ..... catch fire quickly ...
NORD ELECTRO matches with these 3 ..... electrified!

G Mellotrons just tried but one or two agreements sufficient to Genesis
to discover density and roundness of dense samples .... seriously!
Tony Banks will throw his old JV990!


In summary, NORTHERN CLAVIA EECTRO 3 is a great showman
or studio for those who do not wish to take the lead in the settings.
Fast downloads via the website dedicated banks of users is great!
a helping ordinary USB / / keyboard and voila .... you can go on stage!

Visual appearance, the beast is similar to previous care .... wrapping
panel brought to the level of organs and user settings / / System Edition.

Attention to this electro 3 there, and as the matches are out of fashion
for environmental reasons, do not electrify the North too ....!!
you who are located more southerly. (See FR regions)

ipm's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Clavia Nord Electro 3 73
- No controller type bend / mod the keyboard,
-> It's frankly a shame, but not rdibitoire.

- 3 between pedals:
-> 1 sustain (which can act as a rotor),
-> 1 rotor
-> And a volume (control)

Note that the gre NE3 several types of pedals (yamaha, roland, etc. ...). Function sustain / rotor (activate the menu is really convenient), however the keyboard sustain pedals so and so.

- 1 in the Stereo, mini jack (useful for rpeter with a tiny MP3 player) that is used as the headphone and not on the main outputs. Clavia is certainly the choice for economy and / or to avoid the breath of the main outputs. little practical option, but not really essential.

- Stereo Output, pretty good, not breathing

Midi IN and OUT, the thru no longer exist now and less and less. It's too bad, although I regret that no manufacturer can turn this into thru merge, which would be extremely practical for most of us.

Number of sounds, a bank synthsample the number of the 32 basic + DIFFERENT piano, upright, electric, and wurl clavinet and the organic portion.

polyphony announced between 40 and 60 marks for my part in monotimbrale fits me well trs.

The power supply is internal attention on the cardboard, so the voltage electro sectores should work for me only 230 (vrifier). For fans of concert internationals, it is a shame not to have a voltage selector (110/200)


supersimple configuration, a little too much use of my taste shift
edition super easy
Manual superTropCourt -> 20 pages break everything, a shame


- The sounds I use are trs good (to mention a small synth excellent), the Mellotron, this is not my thing -> not too much mind.
However, the Great piano trs are the correct upright is excellet, I'm a little deu for clavinet. The organ section is really fabulous.

- For effects, I find the rotary really good part Wah aussiaprs reverb is correct but useful. However no Dlais -> thundering good but it is not a sound Canvas!

- The keyboard is fantastic for me, based pianist, I find it a little too sensitive, playing piano on it is not the IDAL, because lack of expressiveness. In contrast, all other sound is top, the keyboard application for the precision, but I rediscovered my synths DIFFERENT (expanders). my old heavy keyboard n'tait not really suited them. Personal I like this keyboard, color and feel as well.


- I just bought three days ago, a NE3 73 (sixty three)
-> Difficult to find in recent months and finally available from 3 / 09

- I have tried many MODELS, including the internship, I also long hsit between the two but:
I did not want to wait 40 seconds to play (unlike the stage)
I was not necessarily a keyboard heavy (Galit internship / electro)
I wanted a good piano sound (benefit to the course anyway)
I wanted a keyboard light (electro advantage) and portable -> Keyboard, it happens when the house ???????????

- Options in keyboard is fairly complicated.
covers are not willing and especially the sizes seem incompatible.
Sustain the pedals is downright blah
lesupport retro leg is inconsistent, yet it has the mouth
the luttrin is unavailable while it is still useful this kind of option ...

Moreover, the North pdalier be consistent with the electronica til 3? It should be priced according COMPTITE north, it might be useful this kind of info ... Can we dare to ask a date Available?

- The ratio price quality?
It's still expensive but it's worth it. I do not know the reliability clavia, I hope not to be dcu this cot.

- You do again this choice.
yes, certainly, can Treen By purchasing a version 61 and can master 61 key keyboard to play double claviersurB3

jfherts's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Clavia Nord Electro 3 73
cfr manufacturer ...
I do my difficult ... But a digital audio output would have really made me happy.

The keyboard keys are off-white: vintage! has given a certain charm ...


Use ergonomically gnrale trs. After a few minutes of use, we understand directly the logic of the machine. Trs is intuitive, almost all rglages are accessible in real time (same effects). No menus with submenus 456. J'apprcie, we feel that it is well thought trs ...
The touch you love it or hate it ... This is according to taste. But I think it is well suited for rhodes and organ sounds.

The app for the transfer of samples is very well also. Trs easy to use. Too bad the memory of the North is not more ... It's hard to sort out, there normment of sound quality for me.


What is impressive, it is the possibility of setting date for the libraries of samples. Everything is available on their website, and you can add or remove samples according to individual needs.

About the sounds:

- Pianos: I find it quite correct. I quite like the mdium, I find just the bass and treble a little too "small". It must be said that the touch is not IDAL for piano sounds. The very lack of expression for me. As a comparison, I have a Korg SP 100 o piano sounds are not specially ralistes (they are much more about the Nord Electro), but the expression is ... It was more dynamic game with the korg. Nordelectro with the "piano" is not enough pianos and "strong", not strong enough ... but only my opinion ...
I have all the same a little crush on the piano sound right <img class="smiley" src="" alt="wink" />

- The rhodes / wurlizer: trs also pretty ... Anything. You can have four DIFFERENT rhodes (+ a thousand well rglages sr, speaker simulation, chorus, whawha, etc ...) There is a ct "fat" is int Ress. "Supertramp" has no more secrets!

- Organ: The B3 is really fabulous. You can really tailor the sound of the organ in real time even during a song: start slowly and finish with leslie howling good saturation and very dirty ... Bleuffant enough.

- Clavinet / trs mellotrons cohrents also. Other samples (strings, synths, ...) are fairly well in Russia.

Do not expect extreme versatility with this keyboard, but the few sounds he proposes are (I think) trsrussis. Particulirement the electric piano and organ.

I should also mention I love the sound balance (my ct ingson returning): some synths tend (on the organ sounds, for example) be tr s pervasive in the low notes (bass too present) and aggressive in parts of the spectrum. Here, the lower the B3 take their place and do not sound shrill mdiums ... I would say it anticipates some small sound systems that have aggressive tendencies be particulirement in mdiums / mdiums blast.
Ditto for the Rhodes: they sound fat without being blurry ... prsences good for them.

Most of the sounds are well balance.

(A little on the overall sound of pianos: Studio trs is good, but live there is a concern of expressiveness


Trs trs very good machine thinks.

It is not super versatile, but what a sound! Lgrement sound "fat" but prcis time.

This synth works well trs in its register, say anything ...

Trs ergonomics well thought (and it is nice to +...)

This is a keyboard that is not specially cheap but the quality is gnrale. No retrogression ...

-echoes-'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Clavia Nord Electro 3 73
CHARACTERISTICS See the manufacturer's website.


Trs easy to use, great ergonomics,
Manuel trs clear.


See résumé in global opinion.


As beginners in the week I finally rcupr NE3.

Well, well, we can say that a sound of thunder.
The acoustic piano sounds are trs suprieurs what I know of NE2 is the day and night.
On Rhodes, Clavinet wurli and is frankly excellent.

The organs are beautiful well above the NE2.

The Melotron, is a breath-ism, it is at the heart of the piece of legends (Strawberry field for ever, for example) is icing on the gteau regardless of their own sample.

The ergonomics are great thinking, management of the sounds is very practical, you can backup everything with the software is gnial.

The effects are good too dfendent trs, it means the taient NE2, they are much better on the NE3, indniable the advantage is to have a reverb.

To take advantage of NE3 I advise to have a sound (or amplifier) ​​of good quality it MRIT!

We can also regret the absence of SETTING THE VLOC of the knobs a little more cheap (the rotation is less soft), a square look trs (got question, I ' liked the rounded edges) and still the transformer that Zonzon a bit.
If not for the rest everything is go, it's really an excellent sound that comes out of the BTE.

After 10 days of use I am more than pleased by this product!

Nrenier's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Clavia Nord Electro 3 73
So it&#39;s a keyboard to the men of tradition: the sounds of keyboard instruments, ideal for the repertoire of 70&#39;s: soul, funk, rock (hard rock), jazz, blues.

It&#39;s a beautiful machine: it is already red, and that&#39;s class. After it&#39;s solid: metal + wood frame (plastic buttons). The keyboard is semi-weighted, very nice to play well for the type of sounds (rhodes + organ). Forall is (relatively) light: heavier than most synth korg X5D public as (at the time!) Or Roland Juno, but lighter than competitors in Hammond and Roland ...

You probably already know the principle:

an organ with three section models very very different: the mighty Hammond B3 tone wheel, and the Farfisa and Vox strident transistor. Note that you can do everything like the real: a volume pedal, double keyboard sounds ("registers") for each. The drawbars are electronic and become toggle buttons for Farfisa, like the original!
The organ is the Clavia C1.

a section for the piano samples: five categories (a tail, right, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and harpsichord / clavinets). Particular attention was paid to the clavinet which one can choose, like the original, the active pickups and filters. For each category, there are some sounds (between 1 and 5 different)
These are the Nord Stage pianos.

New: you can load samples of instruments (winds, strings, woodwinds, percussions ...). The samples come from the Nord Wave.

The great thing: all the sounds (piano and samples) can be replaced by what is found free on the Clavia site! Much better than the SRX expansion cards ruinous Roland!

Not good: not multitimbral, you can not play several different sounds simultaneously. This is consistent with the side "without concession" of this keyboard: it&#39;s true that there is a tendency, with the crisis and reducing the number of musicians in groups, to want to play three instruments at the same time synth, but given the size of the original (piano, organ and rhodes), a keyboard player could not play at the same time all this in real life!
The effects: it is more or less. Again, it is necessary to limit the effects of yesteryear, with few changes as possible: there are generally three levels "amount" for each effect, of increasing intensity, and knob above can change the speed. Personally, that&#39;s enough.

EDIT: the keyboard is sure to play the piano, it&#39;s not ideal. Historically, the "electro" in the North are more oriented to play the organ and rhodes, and "stage" are more suited to play piano (full keyboard + touch heavy). Have a keyboard light is essential to play the organ: it allows for the famous glissando and staccato effects of characteristics. The lightness of the keyboard is not at the expense of strength, and honestly, even for the piano, it does not bother me at all (I am trained pianist, and I also have a real piano at home).


Use: it is fun! No menu, no screen! Over time, I came to flee the small screens rotten 2-line that we put on all synths. For that matter, I prefer nothing at all, and buttons!

One can get the sound you want in 15 seconds lap top. So I do not use the presets and memories. We spend the next organ to piano with a button and the settings for each section are stored. You can also change a section if it is not active, for example I can prepare the piano sound is to follow while playing on the organ.

For each preset, there are 2 registers organ (keyboard "top" and "bottom") and a piano config saved. There are two banks (A and B), plus a bank "live" that records all as and to find the same settings in case of disconnection.

If you plug a second keyboard, as can be on the organ combo, the second key is the lower part. You can also split in two areas the keyboard to make the two keyboards in one.

EDIT: for changes in sounds, the utility is well done. However, shipments are time ... have more than 10 minutes to load a piano XL from the computer (USB 2). But once we spent a whole evening to test all the sounds available, a priori there is no need to repeat the manipulation, except in case of update ....


Basically, we enjoy. I tested the Electro 2, and I was not convinced, but there is one level above:

Organs: the best B3 I tested so far (I tested the Rolands VK and korg). I put the wheels in "vintage maxi + +", and we really feel like one&#39;s lifetime. Even when you do not touch anything, you can hear the machinery going up the volume! The clik are impressive: each note, the clik is different. The keyboard is very suitable for organ playing: when playing staccato notes are played back by the rebound of the! With the volume pedal, I&#39;m having to redo "Lazy" by Deep Purple.

Keyboards: it&#39;s really good, but for sure there is severe competition from banks of sounds on a computer. The pianos are very nice to play, quite "musical", but his "base" (ie: I make a deal by itself) is not exceptional. Say it defends itself.
For cons, the Rhodes, the Wurlitzer: very good! The best I&#39;ve tested it on a synth so far. Each model of Rhodes&#39;s personality, harmonics resonate well, and the mechanical response is very satisfactory. Also, one hears the sound back when you release the buttons.
Clavinet: I do not know her real well, but I think it is fairly well reproduced, especially since we have all the options of true. The harpsichord is grandiose, but I admit it&#39;s an easier instrument sampler.

The samples: it&#39;s a bit for fun, because it does not sound really. Also, it is necessary each time you select a sample set the shell (here, just attack and release), because by default, everything is in envelope "square". There are only two different attacks, and four different release mode + a "dynamic" which depends on the velocity. It is clear that the electro synth is not suited to this kind of samples. Say, it helps out.

Rotary is very good. The tremolo is fine. Simulations of staff / speaker: it can go, especially for the distos, which are nice, but it is far from great that simulations can be found on the gear of guitarists (the Line6 Pods of such ... ). Also, the effect is to add a bit of dough to the sound, but when you chose this kind of synth is that it clearly does not lead to the psy trance.

I could put "10", but I put "9" for the amp simulations improvement.

- After the latest updates, downloaded the latest versions of sounds: pianos XL are very good, and it goes up the quality significantly. I tested side by side versions medium and XL, and if it is very demanding on the piano, it&#39;s worth it. Ultimately, I prefer to have a piano XL rather than three different quality pianos "normal". I agree with the view of the mistral resonances, but it&#39;s just the case of all sampled pianos?

- For samples: Notice of mistral I was finally "enlightened", it&#39;s true that we should not expect realistic sounds, but rather sounds mellotrons to the famous times of the late the 70s, and yes, Genesis is a very good example! The "sample" should actually be called "mellotron", that way we know what we are talking about!


Well, I received it just in time for Noyel! It&#39;s a little advice to hot.

I love: The color, design, weight, keyboard, sound ... short, almost everything! Also, the ability to change the sounds to match the machine needs (I think eventually delete some grand pianos (no need to have 4!) To put a version of "XL" in memory with more details) .

Worst: Not multitimbral. I do not think that&#39;s a technical term, but the synth is not too crippled to walk on the Stage of flower beds. The samples: the problem is that there is no proper treatment to take advantage: for a sampled instrument sounds good, it must moultes ADSR, VCF, VCA, LFO and effects ... that this synth has not. So, even if the sounds are good in absolute terms, it&#39;s less serious compared to the level of other sounds.

quality / price ratio: it is in the high-end, so it&#39;s expensive, but worth the price I think. For lovers of old sounds, of course ...

I used one for 4 years Roland VR-760: very good machine too, which is the comparison with the electro3, but I changed to a simple reason: the weight! Looking back, there&#39;s nothing worse than leaving his instrument at home just because it&#39;s impossible to move without a (big) car. The beast was 20 kg (30 with the fly box) for 1m70 long. Here, I have just under 8 kg, with a cover bag-to-back: the foot! At the time, I had the choice between electro and VR-760 and I opted for the 760 because it was better in tone to the organs and pianos. Now I think that Clavia has caught on piano and the organ exceeds the Roland.

So great keyboard and electro again!

EDIT: notice after 2 months of use: it&#39;s always happy, nothing wrong, if it again, I&#39;ll buy 3!