Roland RD-700GX
Roland RD-700GX

RD-700GX, Digital Piano from Roland in the RD series.

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All user reviews for the Roland RD-700GX

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 13 reviews )
 11 reviews85 %
 1 user review8 %
 1 user review8 %
Value For Money : Excellent

owuzan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Excellent Digital Piano"

Roland RD-700GX
Touched piano 88 keys, fully adjustable. Choice of super light, light, medium, heavy, very heavy. Can superimpose up to 4 sounds or split the keyboard as you want (with or without recovery).

There are a total of 26 sounds of classical piano (all styles) and 17 additional sound card with "super natural".
The electric pianos are the numbers 30, 9 "super natural".

There are two slots for add SRX cards or card "super natural" (opportunities has been removed in the next version, the RD700NX).

All parameters can be changed, there has a lot of possibilities to modify the sounds. This was especially relevant for electric pianos as acoustic pianos are already excellent with default settings.

Then there are many other sounds very good qualities that make this a truly versatile piano synthesizer.

Four effects can be allocated to a sound. Reverb or delay, chorus and two additional effects to choose from 120.


Very good sensation of touch, lovers of classical and jazz will not be disappointed. For me it is a decisive choice, I preferred to other affected (Yamaha, Korg, clavia).

The interface is excellent, once you read the manual to understand the general operation and then we can do without it is so easy to handle. The possibilities are huge, everything is customizable (modification of a sound, creating a patch, feel of the keyboard, management MIDI ...)

Master keyboard functions are powerful and easy to take hand (opportunities to create their patches to drive expanders, midi out of 3 available).


The acoustic piano sounds are very good, those card "super natural" are excellent.
The "super natural" card brings a definite plus, the sounds are very accurate and have a very good momentum. That said the other sounds of acoustic pianos are also very good and that I often juggle a sound to another to test "different colors" when interpreting a song. I do not choose the same sounds depending on whether I play rock, classical or jazz.

As I am a fan of electric piano, I will develop my impression hoping that it may enlighten others.

There are a total of 9 sounds electric "super natural" 21 pianos and electric piano sounds that are not "super natural".
Changes that can be made are therefore not the same. The sounds of electric "super natural" pianos do not have the same effects as other sounds, they are fewer (8 effects to be 120 and 6 choices of amps available). on the other hand, they have their own parameters (simulation of the distance from the microphone to the amp etc ...).

Listening to the sounds of electric pianos delivered by default in the device can be disappointing at first. The rhodes are less well defined than korg or clavia, too pronounced effects (including phaser ...) tarnish the sound. In fact we must reprogram all or even to find the sound that suits us best.

Moreover, to the sounds of electric pianos, do not hesitate to change the type of hit (light instead of using the default), otherwise you get not capture all the nuances. As the type of hit is a clean patch and not a tone, it is not practical at all. It would be better that we can assign the type touched a tone, it would avoid recreating a patch just for that. And we can not let the hit "light" by default because otherwise it would impact the tones also acoustic pianos that they need a hit "medium" or "hard" (short I hope you understand me) .

You can have good rhodes after programming, but the electric sounds that I find most beautiful are the simulated sounds of famous RD1000 and mks20 of Roland (type SA EP "super natural"). This is a unique characteristic of pianos Roland grain, it is in this type of sound that electric piano excels. Surprisingly, I found that the sounds "super natural" power can not simulate rhodes as well as other piano sounds delivered to the device (I think the tones "E.Piano NY" and "Vintage EP" which however are not "super natural" sound "more rhodes", especially after adding appropriate effects).
We manage to do good Wurly with "super natural", they are not transcendent but they sound correct.
Programming FM sounds do not give the expected results, nothing to do with a yamaha sy-77 or even a dx-7, we do not find the same feelings and the same shades.

The other very good sound (acoustic guitar, electric, bass) with a preference for choirs and pads (the strings are of good quality but not enough). The quality of these sounds is the RD-700GX synthesizer apart in addition to being an excellent piano.

I personally have two expansion cards. The "super natural" card for acoustic pianos and the SRX-07 (ultimate keys). The SRX-07 is very versatile and provides more than 400 additional sounds. Acoustic pianos SRX-07 are obviously withdrawals relative to RD700GX but I think the electric piano sounds overplay supplement. I do not think the worse but just different and complementary. I often play with, they are not ridiculous.


This is the best digital piano I've owned so far. Just for a touchdown for the diversity of sounds of acoustic and electric pianos, for its ability to master keyboard I do not intend to part so soon. And I hope to keep a dozen of year again. I paid the price of argus (1300 €), for me it was worth the price.

thierrax's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RD-700GX
88-key touch heavy ivory imitation nice
See datasheet for more details


Very nice touch
Unintuitive editing to go into detail
Quite clear manual


Piano sounds good but it is necessary to edit
The base is good and there is not need effects to "hide misery".
The organ sounds are nice but the keyboard is not ideal for this type of sound
Rhodes and other electric keyboards are nice but I have not found exactly what I was looking for. It is still possible to edit but I prefer to use other sounds if I have on hand.


I use it for 5 years
I had tried many other models but the feel of this keyboard I was particularly impressed
Good quality / price ratio acceptable weight on wheels ;)
This keyboard is very heavy but it is inevitable when you want a real heavy touch. In addition it provides excellent stability.
I would do this choice, or may be a north to sounds

SimonBlü's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It is the true gear"

Roland RD-700GX
See product description


Touch is IMPEC. It's heavy, to play the piano is hell. The coating of the keys is also very realistic, nothing to do with Yamaha. At noon, it is super full, very handy in the studio.


Again, the piano sounds are very successful and fully customizable (you will not believe). I also like some synths (Jupiter is particularly good).


I've had four years and it never gets old. I play for hours every day on it, and it remains in good shape. For cons, the first two years it was my only keyboard: it took me carry for rehearsals, concerts and studios. No car, public transport ... it's heavy.

Skylenet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good stage piano"

Roland RD-700GX
Full connectivity twelve o'clock.
Effects editable in real time ... but too bad we can not add delay on the piano. Is that the EP


The touch is very nice, perfectly suited for piano play.
I have not had recourse to the manual as easy to use.


I use it for more than a year. Before I owned the Yamaha S90 sounds are from the pattern. In terms of sound quality of those piano RD700 GX are very good! The sounds of electric pianos are the headphone because it means there's a slight hiss when you press the sustain pedal, but once amplified stage is soon forgotten! The organ is very good and varied with the ability to edit in real time as a B3 organ (I never played the B3, but already seen it in action). Here


Very good stage piano!

Tanddem's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent"

Roland RD-700GX
88-key hammer, very pleasant to the touch, and good dynamic piano sounds, among other excellent effects available live via button (chorus, delay ...) a medium low acute setting available directly with knobs: super efficient When starting a concert and to do a live setting ...
for more technical details, see the previous description


the manual is clear, a quick start (I cheat a little because I had an FP7 ROLAND before,) I find the details simple but so convenient as with the front jack inputs, midi ... which is oblique , which can be easily seen standing in front of his piano to plug or change a connection, without having to go around ...
rapid switch, classified by genre, able to combine all four sounds, sounds or twice in two split


I had a Yamaha CP5? AND I FOUND THE SONS OF ROLAND PLUS "BRILLIANT", more suited to my style 5 POP? ROCK? FUNK,. ° can be worse than the Yamaha for the classic
sounds good piano, rhodes
bass sounds worse than yamaha but it is not its purpose


2 months of use, already a dozen outings, and much more comprehensive than FP7 F, even if it has no built-in speakers, but again, it is a stage piano, not living room ...
I am super happy.

Caelestis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Superb!"

Roland RD-700GX
I bought the RD 700GX 1550 with an expansion card (SRX-10-Big Brass Ensemble) and a carrying case. The touch is


very good, although DIFFERENT my baby grand piano ^ ^ I would say the key is trslgrement very hard, but it is not stringent. For me, suits me perfectly.
(Compared to a Fatar keyboard I had before, a touch of R & D is more Lger 700GX, and GPs)
The manual is .. Wholesale ... For a piano that is also complicated take over the ds first hours of use. Indeed, one can always use the settings to standard directly, but I find them bad. It seems obligatory to change some parameter to get good sound.


I use mostly the piano sounds. Unfortunately, requiring that the cot, I think the RD700GX is doing not too bad. I use AKG K271 MKII headphones and the sound is relatively good.
Some say the sound is very good, but personally I find them lightly "dull" by default. It is therefore necessary to change some parameter to adjust their quality.

Once the parameter modifications I think the sounds are very good for a bank to give integrates the keyboard.

For other sounds (there's a bunch), I'd say okay. They are not correct without being extraordinary.


I love the fact that we can put multiple instruments at the same time, as well as being able to divide the keyboard instruments Different.

I love the equalizer Plutt "specific on" that reduces the bass (my headphone naturally increases the bass ...)

great + the rapid startup (3-4sec max)

+ + The great connector. (I'll let you see The characteristics)

+ + The pedal gradually ... It is an essential lment piano.

The touch + very good.

+ The configuration possibilities.

- I do not know, may be the price? As a student, even hesitating when I put that much money ... But after having made the chque I t very happy:)

relxchange's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RD-700GX
No comment. See technical doc


Is the keyboard touch enjoyable? Will it fit your use? Is the general configuration is simple? The selection of MIDI channels, patches is easy? Is the manual clear and sufficient? ... *dropoff Window


The sounds they agree your style of music? Are they realistic? Are the effects effective and responsive? Expression is it good? (Response to velocity, aftertouch)? What are the sounds you prefer, you hate? ... *dropoff Window


Poour response to post Marienzo.

I use a Bose Companion 5 system (I have long utiilisé Bose Acoustimass system for various types of sound intéreieures with satisfaction). The sound is much estraordinaire (really) with headphone, so it is disappointing if amplification is not adjusted accordingly. I tested the possible changes on electric pianos, and suddenly the difference (with the factory set sounds) is amazing.

I'm still skeptical about the possibility of correcting the sound simply thanks to the use of internal equalizer (shame in passing that Roland did not not provide stereo output jack ... But that's a detail ) .dropoff window

Thank you for your Marienzo analysis, tu brings new eSports get both externally ampplification that headphone.

This R & D is my first purchase in 20 years after having CP70M Yamaha, Hammond M100, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, etc ... And this tool is totally amazing ... I fall in love with the fun of playing!

Thank you in advance to those who will share advice and recommendations on how to better adjust the keyboard.

marenzio's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RD-700GX
Hello all,

CHARACTERISTICS for, you will find all sites spcialiss,
rpter unnecessary.


I own this keyboard for four months.

Use a little Drout to beginners,

As for managing the impacts lives as features evolve type
piano designer.

It is not possible to get an ide Fidler of the quality of this instrument in the store.
For two reasons:

- Often too much noise in the test pice between a guitar that fits and
neighbor currently testing the latest synth arranger ...
- Rglages the factory are frankly terrible.

While it is easy to get an ide of touch also beautiful, the best I've ever t yielded a keyboard scne, do not rely on sound piano store.
Indeed, this instrument possde rglages many of trs.


- Rglage of touch (time limit between supports and key, balance between acute and serious like a real keyboard, over 40 rglages possible between heavy and light, the feeling SETTING THE EXHAUST, really great, and so on)

- SETTING THE sympathetic vibration of strings, for example, when we let down a DO 2 and you play the octave, fifth, etc., are put in cel rsonnance AS a acoustic keyboard.

- Rglage "lift" to rgler will the gap between PPPP and FFFF

- Rglage hammers, the sound of pedals,
- 12 presets agree the keyboard, possibility for the more adventurous to give themselves even
the piano like a real one. note by note. Note: rglages factory, the agreement of the piano is fair frankly.

- Possibility to grate the "grain" of its balance and its layers
And so on.

A multitude of opportunities rglages applicable to 24 DIFFERENT sounds of acoustic piano that possde instrument.


Following what I said prcdemment,

this instrument has a capacity of rglage incredible.

It allows, that will listen and spend some time,
really closer to a "real" acoustic piano that can record in

I also tried a friend's house pianist pro also on a Yamaha C3 work
a good pair of good quality microphone.
There is no photo, is frankly RD700GX patant once rglages effectus.

Remember. There is never a piano sound, but a lot of DIFFERENT sounds, depending on the
directory, whether classical, jazz, Varita.
Similarly rglages that will not be the same the other a musician.
according to the tastes, the game staff.

for those who still doubt, fearing his "mtalique" as the report may
some comments ... YES is the sound of factory mtalique, not terrible.
RULES but is at the grain and bran layers.
Frankly a beautiful instrument.

If you are looking for a piano of all, not asking any question. Go for it.
As for the Clavinet sound,
I have not had time to really test,
s still a lot of settings available.


Trs keyboard really GOOD.

For pianist first.

S'avrer little touch a little too heavy for the type of keyboard sounds Clavinet and organ,
but the piano is beautiful.

I have not talked about all the features offered by this instreument (AudioKey, etc.)
very practical.

I had long hesitated between the keyboard and NS88 from home this RD700GX,

If I had the financial means, I would choose

For the Roland piano sounds.
Vintage keyboard sounds and Rhodes, the same RD if they s'avrent quite frankly aprsrglages.

Only one thing missing: the aftertouch, but it's a dtail.

PS: the weight is heavy ok, but because it is heavy it is stable and enjoyable play.

A longer. and good choice

hubeaugoss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RD-700GX
See site roland


Super hit, but I'm not speaking for 15 years, I never put Aillerie post, but I held for the first time has put on this keyboard I have acquired three months ago, and I was filled for the first time in terms of instruments.


I bought in the past: Nord Stage 88, roland vr760, several grand pianos ...
I was always fascinated by the North course, which has aillerus organs inimitable and enmity to this very day at roland.
But the Oscar is up to 700 roland gx when talking piano.
A pure piano sound, with great velocity! sound very muffled when touches the keys, to get to brilliant when playing rock music.
A sea-watch: you get a distinguishing marker of the hammer tapping on the strings
press the sustain pedal, you hear the strings vibrate and the resonance of the piano .... madness
we can all parameter, the sound of hammer tapping on the strings, a foliiiee!
I really play a lot of instrument, so a Steinway D in the United States, well pleased with this keyboard is full.
ATTENTION: to associate with good headphones or good sound otherwise it ruins everything!
Listen to the piano with a DT 990 PRO (250ohm), you really feel close by sounds of piano, very sincerely all over the keyboard I've tried (the north course was the piano sounds too synthetic, but very playable though), has any person to whom I listen to sounds, music lover or not: they are on the bottom of this sounds!! VOILA just a big favorite, I can not spend half a day without playing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for your attention


A good buy with good sound system or headphones, otherwise buy cheaper it is pointless !!!!!!!
The best rally driver with a 104Z will remain dead last ...
Nexx 6909/26/2008

Nexx 69's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RD-700GX
It's best to look there:


I really like the feel.

The presence of "pots" of settings for effects and EQ, is a view, it gives a very "analog" to the keyboard, with an intuitive ease of access!
Ditto for the selection of patches and TONES.
A real pleasure.

To power the device, the configuration was really well designed, with a doc, really clear and full hyper (Of course, we have to spend some time).
Here nothing to do with the KORG SP 250 that I brought home seller!
When we talk about MIDI in ROLAND, we know what it is, it's nice!
Everything is there:
1 MIDI in
2 MIDI out (please!)
1 MIDI through in splitable out if desired ... What could be better?


Just listen!


The interior is as beautiful as the outside ...

I thought that for 600 euros from KORG, I would be filled by the MS 250!
Oh, here, here what a mistake ...

True, there is three times more expensive, but there is no comparison!