Roland FP-7
Roland FP-7

FP-7, Digital Piano from Roland in the FP series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Roland FP-7

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 8 reviews )
 3 reviews38 %
 4 reviews50 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland FP-7
Numrique Piano 88 keys (seven octaves + 3 Ratings) ncessaires at run classical pieces.

339 sounds, including GrandPiano1 and tone wheel organ ditables.

MIDI ports (DIN 5 in / out and USB), audio inputs and outputs by Jack 1 / 4 "(+ between a mini-jack Stereo (3.5 mm): Mixin), taken for p dale continues (Damper) and taken to two switch pedals, 2 headphone jacks (1 / 4 ")

USB port for connecting a USB key available commercially.


Dynamic touch adjustable to 5 levels (fine sensitivity 100 levels). Enjoyable and expressive touch, trs well to play all types of pieces (from Bach to contemporary pieces). Touching a little lightweight when it comes to still play on an acoustic piano, we regret that this piano just does not touch the dot effect of exhaust available on Roland pianos numriques tails. ..

Gnrale configuration is relatively simple (easy for the LCD screen) but much less than on a device from Yamaha (in the same price range, the screen is much larger and the multitude of buttons makes the functions directly accessible). CHAC many functions is done by keystrokes, making use can be a bit laborious, especially beginners ...

Select the patch is not very practical: they are divided into groups (for pianos, organs, strings and guitars, a will, but for the GM2 sound banks, it is the horror!). Indeed, the select is done thanks to + and - buttons, so if one seeks the 156, we must remain press + for a while ...

The manual, however, is clear and trs trs well. It is quite sufficient. In addition, it is not too thick and does not dcourage the user.


Sounds more than adequate, especially the Grand Piano 1 (ditable, as I recall), it is multi-sampled on each of the 88 notes, which makes trs expressive, with a depth of its correctness. In addition, the sympathetic vibrations of the strings are audible (more so ism). All these parameters (vibrations of the strings when you press the pedals, sympathetic vibrations, the sound of hammers and touffoirs) are adjustable with Piano Designer function.

The other sounds are pretty good, except some in the bank GM2 (After all, it's a piano based!).

I do not use many effects (I'm plutt classical pianist), but I use by the equalizer against numrique (continuously on rgl "Piano Solo") and the sound CONTRL (you can choose a sound plutt powerful, clear or plutt ...).

The expression is excellent and she even surprise the day I tried it o! You can really play everything on the piano (the sweetest song of Chopin, the most spirited pieces by Beethoven or Prokoffiev!).

My prfr his is undoubtedly the Grand Piano 1 (I use low trs other piano sounds). The one I like least? I do not like some string sounds, or sounds of GM2 banks, but to quote a prcisment ...


I use it for two weeks and I do not regret my purchase!

What I like most about the piano: the piano sound and touch sensitive and expressive.
What I like least: the difficulty of use to which we are confronted with the use of beginners. Even today, I can not rgler certain parameter.

I tried a few pianos, especially in the SERIES CLP / CVP Yamaha, and also Roland (FP-4 which is not in touch and see the terrible amplification: the sound saturates, not FP-7). I use from time to time a Roland RD-700SX in harmony: it is a little better performance level, but not adapted to the house (no amplification intgre ...).

The report qualitprix is ​​reasonable (I got 1260): this may be a bit hard for the budget, but is well worth the trouble, especially if one is required or that one wants to use it on scne.

There's no picture: with the exprience, I would do well this election!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland FP-7
The fp7 is what I was looking in this price range. piano1 is superb with the possibility to open the hood which gives the scale. must be accustomed to master it.

the different sounds are rather SUCCESSFUL guitars apart o, I put a joker.j'ai primarily bought a piano..donc ... many sounds good qualities.

I did not test the USB connection or the built-in rhythm. The metronome is an exellent idea and the two headphone jacks.

the possiblit connecting other pedals to control the sound is perfect.


The feel is like that of my rd500..sans probably slightly lighter but in this price range I have not found better despite however, a weakness for the CP33 do not like the rebound fp7. it reminds me of my branch o it was a feat of playing trills eg

the manual is very clear.
very good investment for those who wish to play the piano home, on stage, for those whose children want to learn music.

he makes his weight the beast but I have not found the equivalent in this price range.


I only regret that the button triggering the droite..c'est leslie is not super convenient. missing may be an effect of "cradifier" the have not look if possible.

the 2 knobs (volume, pan) are quite high and I hope that I can put it another keyboard without abmer.

the reaction of velocit seems very good on the piano.

per piti Mr Roland, stop to sounds that are nothing like the distortion guitar. this is pathetic and no one will use it.


I for one week.

How beautiful the beast.

I tried everything and I must say that some reviews of the Casio are infonds. I have never heard such sounds nases, beautiful piano attack then nothing !! a touch worthy of a toy.

for qualitprix report, I do it again this choice without hesiter.j'ai took my time before choosing.

phantesenyat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland FP-7
Dj explicit ... but for me the pedals were sold with a cable too
Intgr short (I hack it) the sudden I could not extend the cable and I use a
old pedals ... but ... it was peanuts.


I just read below seems to me ngligeable. I think personal
before investing in a 1400 piano, or you're rich or you're a pianist ...
In the latter case, the touch is remarkable. APRS years you play, all
pianists have enough strength in the fingers to take over several hours.
More for me that records right now, I find it There's a touch ct,
say that aside from its touch both felt a bit heavy, ractif, touch
Key is super enjoyable which makes me start my components with ever so many
always fun ... well gots business.

The configuration is simple.

The manual say anything openly.


Well the sound is a bit special ...

I was an integral component of a yamaha synth and I never found the sound
super trot to me in the head for months ...

But frankly, sounds doctored doctored to sound, I think it is good to appropriate
This bank of sounds offered by the SP7. Of course we want him to many a sampler
above, but say that for me stands.

I will not mention those I love and those I do not like.

Know by trying it that you can superimpose two sounds and play scales. So
you can color your vintage rock piano, or your honky Manson.

By "voice" sounds the Lynch finally Badalamenti, excellent.

Then draw the rest.

I got big default, no pitching, at least I know how to call this small
knob that changes the pitch modulator ...? And it's too ***

And I regret that we can move the wheels frequency drives that organ.

So the only thing it really ditable the organ, and finally I found a


I EXAGRES good ... you can also buy a piano of this type for this to please
and in which case can actually touch ... I say may sound a bit harsh ...
(I have two friends that use it non stop and what have never made a piano, but good)

So I really wanted to upgrade the rating

For me this keyboard is excellent, I find it a bit heavy and I regret the "no" pitching
but really, really LONG LIVE THE FP7