cedjazzman 08/04/2006

Yamaha P-120 : cedjazzman's user review


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88-key touch heavy, conventional connectors (MIDI, etc. ...), about 16 sounds (all are not equal), rather limited in terms of effects and opportunities


Without going to be a real piano, the feel is very correct. I was looking for a keyboard with touch was as close as possible to a real acoustic piano and I was not disappointed.

It is very intuitive, primarily because it has few sounds and fontions. I do not use the piano as a substitute in an apartment and sounds "twisted" and other subtleties not interest me. The jazz sounds of the organ and the Fender's are really nice and the piano of course. For others, it is not the panacea.


This instrument is perfect for someone who wants to work on the piano without a piano sound at home both at the touch of that sound.

in terms of transport, the keyboard is quite heavy, it's not always practical.

Touch is a real treat in any case.


As I said, this keyboard is intended primarily for those seeking a substitute for a real acoustic piano. For those looking for an instrument with a wide variety of sounds and possibilities, I doubt that will be the most suitable instrument.

It's been four years since I use (I'm a jazz pianist, and for me, sound, touch and opportunities at the richeeses harmonic sound are paramount), and I am not come at the end. It does not replace a real piano, but I think this is what is the best yet in terms of digital instrument tranportation.