Yamaha P-70
Yamaha P-70

P-70, Digital Piano from Yamaha in the P series.

All user reviews for the Yamaha P-70

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 6 reviews )
 4 reviews67 %
 2 reviews33 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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laurent1407's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha P-70
Leger robust
take the plastic scratches quickly (it is qu'esthtique)
Good ergonomics

output on HP Intgr bof good headphones (HD25)
a sound in a small pice but it quickly in a big pokey

no output jack of 6.35 (two out of mini jacks)
no MIDI Through


Hard to the touch galre mozart is better for the modern
trs simple configuration
good manual with a résumé on an A4 sheet (great practice)


More than adequate for the study
I deprecated if you play a lot


Trs good investment
I fear that attention yamaha dj do so over the MODEL
I prfre even when the sounds kurzweil
Apart from some casio (despite what anyone says) I do not know of equivalent quality Prices MODEL

in my opinion is THE MODEL for the study

Mine sends a message noon (it looks like a clock noon) all the time
ds so it is connected to a system that complex bees myself!!
when I passed through a merger is the problem rsolu
weird but good qu'trange as I use to really study the point bar.

Sonos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha P-70
I bought this piano Yamaha P 70 Christmas for my daughter with the support that goes with L70.
The installation took 20 minutes, including mounting of the foot.


The heavy touch of the keyboard is enjoyable.
The only BMOL (pun intended ...) might be the fact that the keys are a bit "heavy" empty ... they make some noise.
Simple configuration. Access in DMOS easy and sounds. The lack of LCD screen is not a problem.


Sounds are practitioner. It is primarily a study of piano


We use it for 15 days. We had a little synth before. L is a "real" piano. changes everything.
Excellent quality price, especially as the silent headphones available in bundle.
I would do without this choice hsiter.

narbrion's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha P-70
Piano 88 keys with 10 sounds available including:
- 2 Pianos
- 2 Electric Pianos
- 2 Organs
- 2 Harpsichords
- And I can not define the last 2 lol (me is never any Fawn ^ ^)
Level 2 conection was taken midday IN and OUT, a 6.3mm jack for the pedal (included) and two 3.5mm outputs, too bad I prefer to have at least a 6.3mm output but hey, I ser surout in my room so ...
Regarding the effects, we have the basic stuff, ie different levels of reverb, a dual mode that allows you to play sound arrangement; transposition exchanging notes of an octave.
Ah yes, you also have the possibility to change the sensitivity of touch on four levels:
Touch a fixed
2 lightweight touch
3 way touch
4 heavy touch


While touch is really great for the price of Pianon, because the price I know much of pianos with such a touch. After opinions can differ, but in my case, I am very Contemp.
Bon c config issue is not what is easiest. Not that the opportunity is so enormous, but rather having to set this up using combinations of buttons and button (only 3 of which serves only demos), I find it boring asse.
The manual is clear relativment, because despite what I said above, it's still relatively intuitive.


First, a note on the organ:
I find them bland, and that's a shame, because I have a passion for Bach since my purchase and they are not really faithful and I am his works of this deu cot l.
Then I will speak only of the first piano I ar n'utilisque him, and it alone justifies the purchase of p70 is really typical Yamaha sound and since I play mostly classical, I'm thrilled ^ ^ .


It's been six months that I use (USIS since I put the piano in fact), and despite the weakness of the Organ, I am not at all of the piano, and I think for the price it was a very good instrument.
With the experiance, and despite all the good that I could say I do not think I would do this choice, as precise as I love Bach and the Organs are average, so given my budget, I might look a good balance between piano and organ.
I put ten because even when I decided to not over his first feature (piano) that he filled wonder.

momarco's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha P-70
How many octaves? The P70 is a 88-key piano that is to say full-size (piano acoustic)

How many sounds effects available? Are ditables? It possde two acoustic pianos, electric pianos 2, 2 organs, 2 harpsichords and a Xylo. All are of very good quality. Possibility to superimpose To create the other. Too bad there have not more than pRSET.

What connection (Audio, MIDI pedals ...)?... Possibility to connect an PDAL (normally supplied), there are two output jacks in small, which is very convenient to plug headphones and filled at the same time such as they are on the front.


The touch keyboard is it enjoyable? Should your use? The touch of this piano is very enjoyable although it is not that of an old piano. When one wants to play quietly, it is better to use a headphone headset because the movement of the keys is quite noisy. But hey you can not have everything!! This piano is well suited to my expectations although it can be menque sound but after that it takes a synthtiseur. The sounds are great though.

Configuration gnrale Is it easy? Gnrale The configuration is fairly simple once you understood the system. There is no catch. The principle is a simultaneous pressure of a button and keyboard keys. The problem is we do not know what forcment has been configured (in time ...). There is no right way not much argler. The problem is the change in sound during a song, if you have to dpcher's not super easy.

The select MIDI channels, patches is easy? No problem

- The manual is clear and sufficient? Still no problem ...


- The sounds they agree your style of music? The sounds are well suited to my style of music, although it is missing a few.

- Are they ralistes? Frankly, super ralistes

- The effects are they effective and responsive? There is no real effect for piano

- What are the sounds you prfrez, you dtest? ... I love the piano sounds (acoustic and electric) as well as organ. I would call spectacular. I do dtest no sound.


How long have you use it? I use this piano for about 6 months

- What is the particular feature you like best and least? I especially like his touch and the quality of its sound. I just wish that no more sounds, but if consisted of the cases, the price would be much more expensive for a keyboard of this type.

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir? No, I admit not having tried many other models because when I saw the quality of touch and the price I am not possible the matter is the only piano that I fit in this price range. I forgot one important point: I think its beautiful design.

- How do you report qualitprix? His report quality price ... Perfect.

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ... Yes, unless I have a lot more money adpenser!

jools1987's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha P-70
Digital piano 88 keys, key hammer pretty decent
the sounds are quite honorable without being exellent!
Output 2 noon, 2 and 1 output minijack output to sustain


Touch are amazing for the price
I never saw a digital piano has 700 euros with this musical game! it's great!
the config is no one bit simpler (3 buttons that do everything)
the manual is clear without being too headlock nis leger

it gives me an exellent report qualitprix


The sounds are acceptable, but after all is not what we liu request, I will opt to purchase an expander if I was you but it di not necessary
expression is very satisfactory, it is a piano "is at ease"
I love the rhodes 2 (a little clicking and very funky!) but the pianos are still of good quality single BMOL organs lack of expression


I use it now for 3 months
I like: touch, the simplicity, the rhodes: p, weight (13 kg I think)
what I like least: the MANSUE sounds, the absence of pitch

report quality / price is exellent!

I will opt for experience with a p70 (silver color as less messy, but black is very classy!)

folieprod's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha P-70
Main features of the Yamaha P70
Sounds: 10 (2 acoustic pianos, two electric pianos, two harpsichords, two church organs, a set of strings, a vibraphone.)
Dual: Yes Reverb. Yes
Transpose: Yes
Polyphony: 32
Amp: 2 X 6W
Size: 135 x 35 x 14cm Weight: 13 kg
Headphone Jack


Keyboard and sensitive answer.
keys of the lower notes have a heavier touch, while the top notes are more sensitive to light touch.

MIDI can be understood through the Manual.
It is worth remembering that this keyboard is more of a focus of study of piano master keyboard.
You can change the MIDI parameters (channel, local control, program change) by pressing several buttons and keys on the keyboard which is still not very comfortable.

He who is patient and not lazy like me will certainly find his account.


For about two years he is going to form a technical revolution at the keyboards of the brand.
Yamaha adapts to the world by designing products tailored geographically.
Now in europe Yamaha sound sounds European and not just Japanese.
No more cold and metallic sounds (to our ears).

The P70 inherits these innovations, the sound is warm and round.
as caPour Basically here are my personal opinions.

Pianos ****
Huge ******( electric pianos, a Rhode's, its a DX with a sample of expressive dynamics may be suitable for pop and jazz for a pro model).
****( organs beautiful it looks real)
string ** (lack of realism and expression, samples of synthetic single-ply)
****( psserole harpsichord as the Clavinova, but nice).
vibraphone * (the legacy of a pan clavinova. This is for sure the same samples recognizable. Maybe there was not enough to ask).


Honorable value for money.

This keyboard is not suitable in my opinion to use Home-Studio (twelve o'clock tedious programing) that's why I separated.
I prefer to buy Edirol keyboard masters.

That said it is a light keyboard with good sounds of keyboards that can suit the recent apprenticeship pianists all styles, and why not, given the quality of the sounds of electric pianos, a small variety and jazz scene.