Elka OMB5
Elka OMB5

OMB5, Digital Synth from Elka.

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minouagrifffe 01/02/2012

Elka OMB5 : minouagrifffe's user review


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a preset synth arranger and programmable rate.


the sound of the 80.je'm using it to make funk.machine apparently quite limited (mixture of preset sounds to) but very fun and very complete.machine oriented experimentation. has recommended for people who can not play clavier.avec arrangements you become a musician and have fun after noon a avec.on not see the time passing


a very distinctive sound, making the interest of this machine, the percussion sound pechus, presets seem to have no interest and that they are mixed with the full range of small animal, it becomes fun and very musical, it is longer wants to release the beast.


what I like most is it gives off heat, and so noisy fan (I love hearing the ventilos lol) a gas plant in miniature, just waiting for your creativity to a pretend to limit sonore.et if you find it too much possibility, it remains for you to take a teaspoon and the type of pipe is also music