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Accessories for DJing user reviews

  • Shure WhiteLabel

    Shure WhiteLabel - "Great for home, not a great output for gigs"


    I'm a new vinyl dj with only 1.5 years under my belt. After a disaster with some discount needles, I purchased a pair of these, encouraged by the reviews and price. For a long time I thought I was the smartest dj on the block, they sound great on m…

  • Ortofon CC Pro S

    Ortofon CC Pro S - "The Pro S is one of the best I own"


    The Pro S from Ortofon has a rubber bearing that can handle all of the scratching and back cuing easily. This company is a great company when it comes to making needles and cartridges, I have been using them for years for some of my best gear that I …

  • Shure M78S

    Shure M78S - "Keep it clean"


    The Shure M78S is a wide groove phono cartridge is designed for use with wide groove 78 RPM records. This is not a cartridge that should be used for a club or battle style. I have only used this cartridge just for general listening on a Shure record …

  • Shure WhiteLabel

    Shure WhiteLabel - "sounds similar to the CC-1 "


    The Shure White label is a light weight turntable cartridge that has a high visibility stylus. This cartridge is one of the newest ones that I just purchased. The design of it is very attractive, it is sleek and easy to work with and it has great tra…

  • Shure M44-7

    Shure M44-7 - "Very good cartridge"


    The Shure M44-7 is a cartridge that has a high skip resistance and a solid frequency range (20 hz to 20 kHz). The performance of this cartridge was so much better than what I was expecting it to be because of the price. It is very inexpensive and I …

  • SKB Studio Flyer Portable Studio Rack 4U

    SKB Studio Flyer Portable Studio Rack 4U - "Protect your gear"


    The SKB Studio Flyer 4U is a rack case that has 4 rack spaces. It comes with a handle on the side that makes it easy to carry and a cover that you can take off. There are also clips on it that are used to hold your laptop. Being a DJ I was in dire ne…

  • Shure M44-7H

    Shure M44-7H - "Get a better sound with the M44-7-H"


    The Shure M44-7-H is a phono cartridge that has a Technics Head shell on it. This cartridge is very well built and also very affordable costing only 85 USD. The Shure M44-7-H won’t wear out your vinyl and it will not give you a bunch of skipping. If…

  • Numark Virtual Vinyl

    Numark Virtual Vinyl - "Fun"


    Numark’s Virtual Vinyl is a DJ Software complete system that comes with an audio interface. It comes priced in at about 450 and it is worth every penny of it! You can mix, scratch and sample all of your audio files with this analog turntable. It come…

  • SKB Studio Flyer Portable Studio Rack 4U

    SKB Studio Flyer Portable Studio Rack 4U - "The ideal travel solution..."


    Studio Flyer 4U is a four space rack with lap top compartment on top. They also make a 2 U version with lap top compartment that is likely small enough to be used as carry-on luggage. This one is definitely too large for carry on. Then again it has …

  • Audiophony SD-MASTER

    Audiophony SD-MASTER - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by djblackbay/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I tested this instrument for a while and I decided to buy it. The manufacturing quality is good, the instrument is light but not cheesy, the rotary knobs, the pitch control and the j…