Zomo MC-1000
Zomo MC-1000
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Despozikaire 12/05/2014

Zomo MC-1000 : Despozikaire's user review

«  That the other? »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
Which the other to provide a USB audio interface perfectly clean and midi interface that exudes strength? At this price? We saw one.

I use it with a Vestax PMC 280, so 4 Decks, 4 outputs, 4 inputs.
With a powerful 8core Windows 8.1, a clean format on SSD to greet the moment nothing to say.

How long do you use?
I use it for a few weeks.

Have you tried other competing products before buying it?
I have been on a basic USB controller on MixTrackPROII that I had fully mapped 4 Decks, a galley. I had far indeed.

What are the things you enjoy most and least?
The appearance is cool, very nice room. Solid encoders.
As against this is far from being as at ease as Kontrol X1 2 for example.
I also lacks encoders for some functions is clear.
But overall with the default mapping + some mods I love. It is an adventure that is brewing between him and me.
A tool that requires quite a lot of dexterity to control 4 Decks must be of the patient.

MC-1000 VS A Traktor A10 and a pair of Kontrol X1. The index PRICE done very clearly the difference.
I will clearly need at least one other controller side.
A good table remains indispensable to have fun.