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American Audio DJ CD Players user reviews

  • American Audio Encore 1000

    American Audio Encore 1000 - "No effects"


    The American Audio Encore 1000 is a DJ CD and MP3 player that is great for a mobile DJ; it can help you stay organized. It is a 2 channel audio mixer that is made well, all of the buttons and knobs are pretty well made and I don’t see any issues ari…

  • American Audio Flex 100 Mp3

    American Audio Flex 100 Mp3 - "On board effects and bpm counter"


    The American Audio Flex 100 is a MP3 CD Player that is very easy to operate and to understand how it works. Especially since I was using a few other players similar to this one around the same time. All of the buttons and the one slider are well made…

  • American Audio Radius 3000

    American Audio Radius 3000 - "Good price"


    The American Audio Radius 3000 is a table top CD or MP3 playing CDJ system. It will play CD and CDR disk, and you can play all your music from a USB or external hard drive, and the managing system with the American Audio Radius is very in detail by b…

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