AKG K 518 DJ
AKG K 518 DJ

K 518 DJ, DJ headphone from AKG.

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 7 reviews )
 4 reviews57 %
 3 reviews43 %
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Nico76210's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent headphone!"

AKG K 518 DJ
1 1/2 years of use, al listen seen immediately and the difference between akg headphones monster eg fidelity listening, power, versatility, depth, robust hardware. Unbeatable value for money (compared to Marshall, there's nothing to see! Sound is better in akg.
I just buy a jbl i J88 complement is crazy too! Anyway the group c harman's all good!

corey-slipknot's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Mr Bass"

AKG K 518 DJ
I have this headset for over 2 years. I was looking for a headphone with big bass to listen to electro / hardcore ... And I was immediately captivated!

Before I had a Koss PortaPro that I liked (despite small pain after a while) who dropped (broken headset), I also had two V-MODA ITE (Vibe and Bass Freq): the 2 have dropped rapidly in the cable, really disappointed.
I also have an AKG K272HD is absolutely perfect, apart from the size, it is not mobile: p

For K518:
Advantages: Good sound, great bass (need love), rotated auricles, strong enough (except for the wire!)

Disadvantages: Heats many ears in summer (sweat on the pads) shakes too: earache in 1 hour or less.
In addition, the mine has a bad contact (after 2 years anyway) at the jack from a few days left atrium does not work unless I push the wire to the jack (it's painful).

In the end I love this headset because I can not find an equivalent. It's a shame he hurt me and the connectors are not super good.
DJ LMD04/23/2012

DJ LMD's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Its good but not very comfortable"

AKG K 518 DJ
I use it for about two months, compared to other headsets I have used I find that the sound is very decent, with good bass response. The sound isolation is very good, once the headphones on, the sound no longer goes outside (ideal for the preview!).
A little less for comfort, I find it a little too tight it can hurt the ears beyond the half-hour ...
Otherwise, because it was a gift I do not know if I would do that choice myself ...
DJ GJM06/09/2010

DJ GJM's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good headphone !!"

AKG K 518 DJ
I reu today ds ke I took over I was finding k'il bigger than expected (I was afraid it was too small) finally the size is very good, it has robust air. You have to see her in longevity. Ct sound is really good sound that emerges and the sound is more powerful than certaint headphones (my reference number SHL-Phillips 9600).
To résumé is a good headphone very well insulated with low resortent that very well and treble. The only default, which is pa new is that it compresses much head but it moin yours in place and glue the head headphones. The thread of 2.50m poses no problem if the clip with the clip which is above the opening.
PS: It comes with a small leather bag for transport.

lonemao's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

AKG K 518 DJ
- How long have you use it?

Just over six months, he replaced my simple (but not bad!) Sony headphones which one of the two did not work.

- What is so special that you like most and least?

(+) Excellent sound, I use a player COWON D2 (FLAC files), mainly on the metal. Nothing to say, the sound is powerful, the bass come out perfectly, what a pleasure!
(+) Transport is isolated enough without having to put her up.
(+) The look very nice unless you want a super quiet headphone.
(+) Jack gold, and connections feel solid, I hope they mean it!
(-) Comfort level, it warms the ears after several hours of listening, big heads and surely will find it too small, even set to maximum.
(-) Wire is too long.

- Have you tried many other models before buying it?

I tested a dozen hats in the shop for a good hour, and it is finally without hesitation that I chose the AKG, Koss compared to a Bose or other.
As I said I listen to mostly metal and music in this category is the one who made the best depth and power of style.

- How would you rate the quality / price?

For less than 100 euros is one of the best in my opinion (paid 70 euros).

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...

Without hesitation.

lam_da's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

AKG K 518 DJ
It is not even a month since I have and I am delighted.

Excellent audio quality and very balanced: my EQ Archos7 is neutral, I did not need to modify the spectrum regardless of the type of music.
In all that is electronic beats (dance floor, r & b ...), it is the very deep bass that stand out: sometimes a little too much, but this is due to the exaggerated bass in the mix of producers in vogue .
Everything that is instrumental, is very rich in detail, the bass are present and not invasive because thanks to the balance with the medium, treble, you get something very powerful.
Really, the sound is excellent!
In addition, I use it in transit, and such, I am surprised, I can enjoy my favorite music to blow up the decibels, it has at any time with a very good sound isolation headphones.

Despite the fact that the headphone is very well built, the hull exudes quality, I doubt very much the weak link of headphones: the cable. The jack is not bent, it is completely right as an "I", it is sheathed 3cm in length, but still, the false contact can happen at any time.
When will the manufacturers we will finally lay a system of interchangeable plugs with jack resoldering (such as electric guitars what?)?
The arrival of the earphones cables are also protected, it's better than my Koss PortaPro who dropped me at that level ...
Comfort level: It is comfortable for 3 / 4 hours after it hurts me to flags, it's not very serious, at least it prevents them from listening too long protracted.
Cable length: way too long! Not practical when traveling, and can cause clashes that damage the cards.

I tried other models recently Seinheiser PX-100 (good), PX-200 (disappointing and worse than PX-100), Koss PortaPro.
The AKG is well above the rest, I would have kept the PortaPro, its audio quality was very good and I was satisfied. But there! It's a slap that I took when I tried it by chance in a store.

For the price at traditional retailers (100 €) is a bit of the flight, I will not have not taken (with regret, however), but by looking at other resellers, you can find it at € 52 , and there, it's worth it!

I'm recommending it to everyone around me, and no fault anything about its sound quality. The only flaws that may deter you are the size and comfort.
If you do not block, you could try it, you'll be convinced!

fitzchevalerie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

AKG K 518 DJ
I bought this headphone a year ago (Christmas 2007) to replace a Sennheiser PX100. At first I was disappointed, but then I realized it was an excellent headset:
Highlights: Headphone very dynamic and powerful (péterons your eardrums before he exploded), who's powerful in the bass going down very low. Acute very correct, although this medium. What fascinated me most is the level of detail, with sounds that I had not noticed on my PX100. This headset offers a sophisticated music with a clear ... superb. and more practical level, there is the isolation level is really good, erasing a portion of the bandwidth and especially the treble sounds.
Weaknesses: the bass, which on some tracks will be a little too far. comfort: he shakes, does not have foam on the headband. it took me over a month to get used to.
Finally, it is the strength of the jack, which was two times of bad contacts and the second was one week ago and this time it the shop gave me a voucher and I'll blow buy a new one, which will certainly be the Sennheiser HD600. In any case, I will have kept a year, and I am very happy