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All user reviews for the Monster Beats Pro

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Average Score:3.6( 3.6/5 based on 17 reviews )
 7 reviews41 %
 4 reviews24 %
 2 reviews12 %
 3 reviews18 %
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Editorial review
  • 09/23/12Monster Beats Pro Review

    Monster Beats Pro Review - Sounds Like You Mean It

    Thanks to its partnership with Dr Dre, Monster's Beats Pro have become a grand success. But are we really talking about a new reference product here or just a fad? That's the question...

Users reviews

enhertzia's review" Disappointment confirmed"

Monster Beats Pro
I have had these headphones on loan for two weeks already. The sound is acceptable, some songs are very pleasant to listen to.

In general, it is for low end sound and sounds almost artificial.

I am not convinced by the sound. I love the design, unfortunately, it too "trendy" right now.

Does it justify the price? It depends on which perspective you take.

Objectively, a headphone for that price must have a great sound. This is not the case.

Aesthetically pleasing, if I could afford to throw money away, I'll buy it without hesitation.

We must choose: to be beautiful or to have quality sound?

I chose: I do not buy it at a higher price than 129 euros, for example. And I like the sound quality, I will buy even more serious brands elsewhere.

stompboxjon's review"stylish"

Monster Beats Pro
The Moster Headphones pro HD black are a set of headphones that I have used to listen to a lot of different music in. they provide a nice warm sound and a nice base as well. The base in them (which is what everyone wants) is pretty decent. Not the best on the market but still good. They are great just to use for listening pleasure. I even do some of my mixes in them just so I can hear what im doing loud and clear. Keep in mine I said mixes and not mixing! I wouldn’t dare try to mix in these because you wouldn’t get a clean mix as you would with a nice pair of flat sounding headphones.

I guess the main focal point of these headphones is that they are very styles and clean looking. Lately its been a trending thing to have cool headphones wrapped around your head. Back in the 90’s it didn’t matter as much what color your headphones where as long as you had some to listen to. Now its all about having cool futuristic and colorful headphones.

I do like these headphones a lot but I think they are too expensive. There are other headphones on the market that don’t look “cool” but sound way better and are way cheaper. Headphones are always a touchy subject in the music community because everyone wants something different in their headphones. Some want more bass, some want noise cancellation, some on flat sounding for mixing and mastering. So I say these are just for listening to your favorite songs on your mp3. Not for creating or mixing and mastering. They do provide a great quality sound though, go to the store and listen to them, you will love them and I love mine. But these will not be my only pair of headphones because they wont work for all of my needs.

WROOM42's review" very good headphones"

Monster Beats Pro
For how long have you been using it?
Two weeks.

Did you try many other models before getting this one?
Akg k518LE, Beats studio, Bose Circum

What is so special about the?  What do you like best?
Very nice finishes (aluminum and leather) and very solid (not like the bow of the monster beat studio!)
Cable interchangeable with the possibility to put a right or a left.
And most importantly sound.
No battery.
Handles well much power.
Passive Insulation.

What do you like least?
The weight of the headphones.
The price.

The sound is very clean, well balanced, beautiful image stereo and magnificent presence, the bass is not forward and is very detailed as is the midrange and treble.

Very pleasant to listen except for rock, at the upper reaches the high end become aggressive.  The sound is well above the monster beat studio.  Great for electro music, pop, rap.
It deserves a 9 out of 10

WARNING beware of counterfeits
attack filters04/01/2011

attack filters's review" Dangerous ...."

Monster Beats Pro
-I used then for 2 weeks.
In-store or purchased, I tried several other models which have an equivalent range (Bose, Senneihser, AKG ...).
What I love the most: Its dynamism and sonic accuracy. The manufacturing illusion that gives it a certain robustness. Its look and quality.<div>What I like least: its general comfort, being sturdy means it is therefore less flexible and heavier (even its composition in aluminum, when it is heavier than plastic ...) it is hard on the ears, on top of the head, after prolonged use.
- Still quite expensive, but this is the one which caught me among all the other models that I tried ...

I personally find them very appropriate for the style of music that I listen to (Electro, Dance music style). These headphones are &nbsp;aggressive, clear and precise. I use it for mastering control of production.
For temporary use, I do not think they are worth that price.
I am sure these are good for intensive use, I mean long hours of work or listening, it will not be possible without several breaks, because it compresses the head too much.
They are certainly also very good for mixing too.
In short, a good headset for lovers of heavy contemporary music.
I am very happy.

warazor's review" Wonderful if you know what to expect"

Monster Beats Pro
I recently bought the black version, having tested it in the store (on an ipod) just beats the studio (mitigation active cell).

What I noted right away: the beats studio has active attenuation, therefore it requires 2 AAA batteries
the beats pro has passive attenuation (style HD25), no batteries and no active systems present.

To be quick and to the point: these headphones is a really great for music with a "modern, electronic character"

Here, for the rest, go your way (folk, chanson francaise, classic, jazz ... etc.)

Styles "allowed": Pop now, Hip Hop, Rap, Electro etc. ...

The purpose of this monster was clearly to give the impression of live, concert, nightclub, especially in the bass and low end. &nbsp;In this regard they are &nbsp;extremely successful, and to be found nowhere else in the competition.
However, acute highs and medium are not so present. The stereo image is quite staggering!

Otherwise, the studio is cheap beats, and sounds worse than the pro (but keeps the same philosophy)
The beats pro is very very pro-level strength, finishing, and sounds better, and more accurate. Major difference I find: Keeping better medium compared to the studio while keeping a serious yet more precise, more biting.

This headphone has a dual purpose for music that is "modern / electronic" - it is serious fun to listen to every day
- If you have a production in this style it gives you a clear idea of what will give your sound some club. Intractable on the particular mix of serious! So a very interesting listening and more studio monitors.

PS: to try for Rock style, CA is once again giving the impression of being live ...
PS2: do not mess the EQ to your iPod or other, the curve of the headphone is already ultra-typed. On a modern mix, it's really good fit.
PS3 anyway try before you buy. &nbsp; After you are free to choose the pro or studio models, the general idea is the same for all anyway.

Mr GRIEGA11/20/2014

Mr GRIEGA's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very well :)"

Monster Beats Pro
its been 8 months and I already try pioneer, AKG, and it is good for me as well fron AKG stronger but behind some pioneer model
listening with one ear makes a nice scope but can I find it expensive
I would go for pioneer in the future :) but good headphone when meme :)

I use these headphones for vinyl mix on the Hardtek raggatek tribecore low sound rather nice and the grip is perfect with its entrance 2 sides listening to one possible ear very nice comfort level even after 2 hours :)

in places he can lar fragile as for example at the level of joint
it is detachable
it still sends fine for now nothing to say :)

he has a better record low but the rest is very good overall sound level :)
I can not hear what's going on around me but against you not hear me wrong ^^

Maxou_1403's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good sound"

Monster Beats Pro
Very good sound for headphones, fortunately for the price I am very glad I bought it and is always by my side that ca city that is in the house :) I strongly advice to all those who are on the available. I try many before frankly I find this headset a very unique sound for all types of music.

Perfect mixes especially for cables, use at home and a little club, headset that hot yours, well designed but heavy articulation. I mix on the techouse, dubstep, house, lounge.

Headphones very strong because metal but a little heavy for mixer (small discomfort but apart from that nothing), so connection off practice to take him everywhere.

Very good that ca be in lower than in acute it is perfect quality, perfect insulation you do not wait anything out you squarely in your world.

roska's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Monster Beats Pro
Overpriced for the quality.
HUGE bass, little treble sound is artificial and headphone, very heavy, is not made for mixing and mastering even less.
Eyeglass wearers have earache.
AKG and Sennheiser do much better for much less.

roska's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Monster Beats Pro
Interesting headphone! No more! So overpriced !!
I doubt that uses this Dre headphones in the studio mastered it!
The bass is almost non-existent STANDARDS and treble on some music.
It is far too heavy to heavy use. For eyeglass wearers, it hurts the ears after a few minutes.
If you want a true audiophile headphones, look AKG, Sennheiser AND BOSE. The range suits all budgets and the sound is much better.
Personal advice: avoid getting too used to the sound BEATS because it is artificial and does not always reflects the reality.

Pucelle_Dabidjan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Fad and fashion effect ..."

Monster Beats Pro
After some discussions on this forum. I decided to do the test.

headphone a little heavy, but built solid aluminum, you can plug the jack connector on the side you want (left or right) leaving the possibility of bridging an additional headset via the port remained free. Folding system practice.

Some users may have a headache. The model test could not shut my big ears ached after a while.

Unbalanced signature sound with a low setting before, but nevertheless still manages to démerder for nearly faithful transcription of voice (no serious pollution in the medium). The mids and highs are well differentiated goods rather then transcribed, but his lack of height and width. A kind of natural compression sets.

For 400 euros, this is not acceptable.

spirit focal one, 200 euros, well finished, comfortable, clean and neutral sound without true color
Sennheiser HD598, 230 euros, well finished, comfortable, close to the Beat signature sound cleaner but overall a bit hard acute
Bose AE2, 150 euros, very comfortable, signature sound cooler but balanced
- And almost all headphones specialists around 400 euros are best, whether in comfort and sound -

You've been warned.