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Ultrasone DJ headphones user reviews

  • Ultrasone Dj One

    Ultrasone Dj One - "Ultrasone has better"


    Ultrasone DJ One headphones cost 189 bucks , they can be folded for storage or travel needs. The plugs are all gold plated. The frequency range with the Ultrasone DJ One headphones is 10Hz0 22,000 Hz. The highs are very clean and wont give you a head…

Translated user reviews
  • Ultrasone Dj One

    Ultrasone Dj One - pan tadeusz's review


    I use it for about 10 months sound with a spacial effect, good for me and for the ambient spytrance, closed headphones, which reproduces honntement treble and bass mediums with a large picture of the effect STREO spacial . comfortable in the wint…