Behringer B-Control Deejay BCD2000
Behringer B-Control Deejay BCD2000

B-Control Deejay BCD2000, MIDI Control Surface for DJ from Behringer in the B-Control series.

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Dilo2b 04/22/2010

Behringer B-Control Deejay BCD2000 : Dilo2b's user review


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The drivers are stable?
NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are often updated?
NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The installation is done it without problems?
NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Not as complex as the manufacturer Behringer)
The manual is clear and sufficient?
NO !!!!!!!!! (No manual online help)
Have you experienced any incompatibilities?
YES !!!!!!! (Well yes LoL)

For how long have you been using it?
I do not know what to do with my BCD 2000 she sleeps in that bag, served with 1 time 5 times in the evening.

What thing do you like most/least about it?
Pros: None.
Cons: TOO ...

I put 1 / 10 for effort.

What you say one word comes to mind HORRIBLE!

Compatibility with existing software and with hazardous fader to a chisel Behringer attacked us out of the ultimate product for a good headlock.
Tea too sensitive, leveling that adjusts constantly default recognition by the PC 1 time on 10, which increases every single pitch, setting headphone, Knob not recognized by the software so unusable, poor internal sound card, software supplied with machine and developed by Behringer (the fear I) unusable and incomprehensible ...

But I'll stop there, with this you will understand machine avoided, go your way keep your money save money and you take a Vestax VCI-100. For me it's what I have done.

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...
NO I will not surment the Vestax even if it is 3 times more expensive.