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ti2l 04/15/2005

EKS XP10 : ti2l's user review


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Signal to noise ratio 105 dB
USB connection
Chaqune plates XP10 has 2 RCA (Stereo)
Use with Virtual DJ trs friendly, but holds it is out of the catre PC sound is out of the mixer which are re-read the XP10 by RCA

The installation is very simple, it connects or decks and it launches Virtual DJ or Bison (software that came with XP10), you can use a plate that in turn affects a track or other (in the software mix)

The manual is clear is sufficient even if it is short ... nothing too complicated really.

The appearance of the plate is unfortunately not uncommon, the buttons are hard plastic and have a race trs weak, Drout to beginners ... but fact is it is reliable in the end!
In short it works is that the Essenciel, we can finally scratch with MP3 logs on his PC ... recess must be an adjustment period as the "wheel" Scratch is less than a vinyl, you have to make smaller movements prcis longer ... trs works well for a house and other music lctroniques but a scratch hip hop I do not know ... I mix mostly of music lctronique ... hip hop scratching on the vinyl "crazy B" or "DJ Keops" requires a lot of learning as so ... try!

No drivers to use with Virtual DJ or with Bison ... MIDI drivers are in beta ...

I use it for two months with virtual DJ ... I had no concern for software or hardware crash.

Regarding the price quality ratio is a bit deu reoit when the plate because everything is plastic ... but ultimately a good working.

The "wheel" is scratch aluminum plate with a touch ... barely touching the aluminum ... the "disk" (virtual) s'arrte more that turn the wheel to scratch, here we go !!!!!