M-Audio Torq Xponent
M-Audio Torq Xponent

Torq Xponent, MIDI Control Surface for DJ from M-Audio in the Torq series.

befa123 03/28/2011

M-Audio Torq Xponent : befa123's user review

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For almost 2 years
Some other models
The controller is not a toy for rich kids, contrary to some opinions, especially that given the sale price is not really necessary to be rich:)
What I like least: TORQ
Version 1 does not crash certainly never, but I find the engine not good, the very poor sync see mostly unusable, even with a good computer. You hold your grid nikel and when you initiate the sync the two grids will stall with 2 millimeters of difference (?????)
I am not a computer but kador Traktor runs much better.
TORQ 2.0: Software very ambitious with a number of options very good and practical enough to use, but then this is the Bug Contest! MIDI mapping that loads a half that half the time, the sync offset by surprise in the middle of the set, record function that plant and using that while no two decks! I dare not even attempt it with 4.
C is a pity because the software might be great, we really want to get it to work but is frankly discouraging c! (No updates to fix bugs, zero answers .... Phantom of the VAS)
In short, I think frankly acquire a s4 instead because after one month of hacking the ds log preferences without any real success, c is sucks:)