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M-Audio X-Session Pro

Thread X Session Pro for MIDI Transport Control / Using Enigma

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1 X Session Pro for MIDI Transport Control / Using Enigma
Hi everyone & happy new year

I've been trying to set up my M-Audio X Session Pro to handle MIDI Transport Control in Ableton Live (i.e. Start, Stop, Record). As the buttons on the X Session Pro transmit MIDI Note data, this causes issues when I'm using other MIDI gear such as a keyboard, as the notes I play then trigger Ableton to Start/Stop.

To try and get around this I've downloaded the M-Audio Enigma software in order to manually re-map the controls on the XSP so that they transmit transport control instead of MIDI notes, however the X Session Pro does not show up in the software, only the original X Session. I'm using Enigma 1.2, the latest version I could find on their website. I've had no luck finding another version, however I know one exists, as I've seen screenshots of the X Session Pro in the software!

Can anyone let me know if it's even possible to map transport controls to the XSP via Enigma, and if so, where can I get a version of Enigma which includes the X Session Pro?

Another way around this could be to keep the MIDI note layout of the XSP but change the MIDI Channel the controller works on - however, without the aforementioned Enigma I don't think this is possible.

If anyone has experience with this controller of software, do let me know if you can offer any help or insight.

Many thanks,


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