Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol F1
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol F1

Traktor Kontrol F1, MIDI Control Surface for DJ from Native Instruments in the Traktor series.

djbabs 03/17/2013

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol F1 : djbabs's user review

«  Well, but see very well ... »

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Cer of music often say, and I begin to understand why "it is useless to always have the latest gear went out, learn to make full use of whatever you have, surely you will come to better outcomes," or something style .... quite rightly!

See who it is intended for: DJ's "+", remixers, but also more broadly to groups that use live sequences

Concurrent opposite: Ableton Live

Pros: one application to send sequences scratch samples and swing effects on the whole. An extremely well designed interface (normal when running the app also). Thoughtful functions like gain settings of samples with shift + volume where the filters tracks per track. A friendly workflow when the goal is to balance occasional samples or loops to scratch

Cons: expensive and an interface that serves only that, a system that quickly shows its limits in use where the track must be 100% sequentially, there is, to my knowledge at the moment, still quantification by adjustable sample sample (Live what long ago). Result = let's say you want to balance out the one-shot rigged action: either your entire project is QUANTIF hyper short and then you have more net, you start your curls perfectly, or it must tweak your one shot with white for the early start on time, not necessarily practical.

My conclusion: One or two more in F1 for the set? Yes but it's expensive. The same goes for outright sequencing songs live? Feasible but impractical at present. Traktor is great for digital DJ'ing, Ableton is for sequencing. Native will be hard to catch up despite a team that listens to its customers, dynamic. As she need to do? No. Just make sure it offers is already optimal, no fault is already huge at the moment this is not the case. The hardware is there, it is the software that will grow. I would not stay alone in a config hybrid between the two apps currently. It is a little cat that bites its tail as native customers need to develop all that and make the system better, some say he was thinking about these small and missing functions required early to be sure disrupt the market. Half the bet is successful, but I think this opinion will be obsolete fairly quickly, at least I hope so.

NB: not at all agree with the test pads and AF regarding their sensitivity! Must be pressed as a lumberjack for trigger, we take the usual way DJ, but still, the pads of my Launchpad seem more appropriate. Even if the hardware is very good and the app is priority, Native could still progress also on this point: pads and faders "softer" would be a good thing. Meanwhile it deserves to be robust.